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Camel mount animations

I saw during the ESO Live demonstration that the new Camel mount (and I think camels are adorable!) doesn't walk/run like a camel does, it looked more like a horse gait than a camel gait.

Camels tend to move both legs on one side at once when running (pacing) and can do either the both legs one side or the more horse-like walk when moving slower. They tend to look pretty goofy when moving fast, but it is part of what makes them so cute!

I couldn't find a really good clip of the Dromedary camel walking and running but did find this nice slow motion of a Bactrian camel (2 humps) running.

Here is a Dromedary camel walking using the 2 legs moved at the same time on one side type gait.

(It would be awesome if their idle animation would be to sit down and get back up since they stand up back legs first, front legs second)
  • czar
    i missed eso live, is there anywhere i can see the camel animation?
    stam scrub
  • czar
    okay nevermind i found it. yeah that doesn't look great, but at least the rider looks better than on the bear (or the horse for that matter). i wonder if whoever is animating the mounts actually look at footage of the animals they're animating.
    stam scrub
  • James-Wayne
    Remember the Camels on Nirn are different to the ones on Earth, simular but different :)
    Edited by James-Wayne on January 31, 2016 12:40AM

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  • justz00tb14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I am sure they had to use a bit of creative license to make camel mount due to the odd gait that might not animate well against the game surface and the fact they do not jump.
    Edited by justz00tb14_ESO on January 31, 2016 8:55AM
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