V 16 weapon glyphs

What are the best dps glyphs to use overall for a duel wield DK? I'm currently using weapon damage ones on both my daggers.
  • leepalmer95
    You only need 1 wpn dmg one if i remember right.

    Is this for pve or pvp btw?

    For pvp i'd go 1 wpn dmg + disease for a heal debuff.

    For pve it's 1 wpn and psn? i think, thats or fire dmg or something because dk.
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  • OmniDevil
    If dual wielding, you don't want to run two of the same weapon enchants as they don't stack. As @leepalmer95 said, run one Weapon Damage and either Absorb Stamina, Disease, Poison, etc.
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