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Official Discussion Thread for "Crown Store Showcase: January 27th, 2016"

  • Farorin
    The costume looks nice, my wife likes it too.
  • Xabien
    Where's the next hero costume? I assumed we'd be getting the next one in Feb? Y u drag out the good stuff and give us rubbish? :D
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  • Jayne_Doe
    Abeille wrote: »
    Does that new costume also inflates the characters' rib cage like the last 5 female costumes that were added to the store? And clip with Khajiit and Argonian claws?

    Is anyone in ZOS's art team aware that this is happening? Is this ever going to be fixed?

    The pig is cute though.

    Yes, both of these issues should be fixed in our next major update.

    Yay! Thank you!!
  • Toorlokviing
    is the bear going to be 2500 crownsm 3k crowns or 1800crowns?
  • Amour
    Still waiting for some new feline pets. Would love to see some lion and tiger kittens or even male lion mount!

    What can I say - I love cats <3

    Edited by Amour on January 31, 2016 7:51PM
  • Smaxx
    is the bear going to be 2500 crownsm 3k crowns or 1800crowns?

    Probably 2500 considering it's no permanent addition.
  • Reymas
    Honor, Duty and Piety for Morrowind
  • Kytte
    Has anyone noticed that the featured item:


    Is not the one in store currently?


    Are these costumes different? The Same? Why can I only get one and not the other? They are both named the same...

    Also, clipping on the one available in store is TERRIBLE for Khajiit. Where the ears at?


    Curious when this will be fixed - or how it got past in the first place.
    And is it just me, or do all the dresses and new costumes inflate the gluteus maximus?

    Edited by Kytte on February 4, 2016 9:07PM
  • Smaxx
    Think I've read about quite a few costume fixes in the PTS notes. Haven't tried it there, though.
    Many visible gaps, seams, clipping and texture issues were fixed for both Crown Store and in-game costumes and armors, with several specific examples called out below.
  • Conquistador
    I understand that a lot of people have concerns and complaints, but the amount of crying on this here forum be ridiculously pathetic.
  • Turelus
    Two more days until the next wave of "WHY DOES THIS COST SO MUCH!!!" "OMG RESKIN JUNK AGAIN!!!" threads start popping up! :sweat_smile:

    Black bear crowns are sat ready for this greedy Dunmer.
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  • Wolfgrim
    Still no wolf pet...
  • FauxHunter
    I guess I missed this? In the article it states the black bears will be available until today. But they're not in the crown store :/
    Edited by FauxHunter on February 23, 2016 4:12AM
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