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Looking for Serious PvP guild

Soul Shriven
I am an EU player that has been playing since release on xbox and due to recent friends getting the game i am in need of making a character on the NA server. But i will be looking for a serious PvP guild to play with if you have one please let me know
  • KillKapps
    What faction are you going to be playing. I recently rerolled a blue character and am making a new guild that will be up and running when I finish out my veteran ranks.
  • BllyDnsr
    If you're main faction is DC, we've got a guild for you. Let me know if you're interested.
    Guildmaster of Obsidian Covenant.
  • Greywolf_McGrowler

    The Accursed Legion was created a year before the game was launched for the Xbox One. We are part of the Ebonheart Pact on the Xbox One North American Server. We were first mainly a PvP guild, but we have evolved to accomadate all types of play-styles. Like Veteran Pledges, Dragon Star Arena, Trials or just questing in Craglorn. We still focus heavily on PvP and our event days are are: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8pm to 11pm EST.

    We are willing to teach people who have never been in PVP, or know very little of Cyrodiil of what’s in it and how things run within it. We also have a guide to Cyrodiil that will give you all the fundamentals of Cyrodiil. When we’re not trying to keep Cyrodiil under our control we are doing quests, delves and dolmens, and the Imperial City within Cyrodiil.

    We do our PvE events Tuesdays and Thursday’s at 8pm to 11pm EST Those days we mainly do Vet Pledges or DSA. Whatever we have the people for and what everyone wants to do.

    Saturday we do PvE in either Cyrodiil or in the Imperial City at 1pm EST.

    The Accursed Legion has a point system called Legion Points that you get when attending Guild Events. When you accumulate enough Legion Points you can obtain a new rank in the guild In addition to Legion Points we have Merchant Points that you receive when you donate to the guild. You can then use these Merchant Points to buy items made from our Crafting Corps. For example, armor, weapons, Glyphs, Food & Drink, and Potions.

    The Legion has an active facebook page that shows off our activities from PvP to PvE as well as how to get some of the Xbox Achievements and if you have a character story it can be shown here as well. The Accursed Legion Facebook Page is here:

    Next we have a promotional video that’s one of a kind and gets all kinds of hype from around the world. Take a minute and check it out:

    The guild is structured and well coordinated, and has much to offer. With over 300 members there should always be someone on to help or join in for whatever your adventuring needs may be.

    So go ahead and take the time and check out The Accursed Legion website at:

    If you’re interested in applying just click on the About Us tab, and click Apply to the Guild. Make sure your username is the same as your Xbox Gametag so we can find you. All applications are reviewed on the weekend.

    Commander Greywolf34
    Commander Greywolf34 PR of The Accursed Legion
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