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PTS Cyrodil Haderus Campaign Bugged

Hello there, my name is Vulsin, and I play on the PTS everytime there is a patch / maintenance. And when I do play on the PTS in Cyrodil to test out sets, I usually test the sets by soloing Resources / Keeps. And I accidentally appeared to have glitched the Haderus campaign. The way I know I glitched it, is because I took the scrolls on my Ebonheart Pact toon, and put them in the Ebonheart home keeps, I also took Aldmeri Dominion scrolls, and Daggerfall Covenant scrolls. Now because I took these scrolls and set them in the Ebonheart keeps, no one has ever retrieved the scrolls from the keeps. However, with that being said. The Aldmeri Dominion Scrolls, and the Daggerfall Covenant scrolls, have returned to their temples (visually). But Ebonheart Pact still has Defensive, and Offensive scroll bonus'. Also if you try to go to the other factions temples, to retrieve the scrolls. You are not able to pick them up, although they will appear in front of you. Now the reason I am even reporting this, is because it makes testing characters on Ebonheart Pact faction really difficult, because of those Offensive, and Defensive scroll bonus'. This isn't a major issue, but more of an inconvenience, and it has been like this for the past 30 days. Please fix my error, and return the scrolls to their respective keeps, so it's more convenient for Ebonheart Pact players.

Thank you, Kind regards.
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