Everlasting Conquest - AD / PvE

Everlasting Conquest is a PVE Raiding Guild (12 Man Trials), we run trials every M/W/S at 9PM EST. We currently have TWO GROUPS that run simultaneously each week. Both groups only run Trials on hard mode, G1 has completed all 3 trials on HM and farms them each week for leaderboard score, while G2 is close to reaching this goal as well.

What we're looking for -
Amazing DPS 3-5 spots
Dedicated Healers 1-2 spots
(We frequently rotate players in and out to ensure we end up with the best group possible, so if you aren't picked for 1 night, you will be brought in the following raid night)

Requirements to join guild -
-Have a MIC
-Have a desire to be part of a COMMUNITY
-Have desire to be one of the top players in the game without being rude to others
-All players who raid must be able to show up for the times and days
-Dps must pass our DPS test
-Healers must be able to keep people alive
-Must have general understand of mechanics, if you're convinced standing in red is good, or not a bad idea, you need not apply lol

If you have any questions about the guild or our what we're like, please message me and ask! I'd love to answer any and all questions

  • AverageJo3Gam3r
    Aw man. Need to finish leveling up my sorc quick so I can apply for this!
  • elium85
    What's the DPS requirement?
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