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To upgrade to windows 10

Soul Shriven
So i am considering updating to windows 10. Have other people done so, and if they have, has it affected the game in any way?
  • Wily_Wizard
    Mine runs better on 10, I dual boot 7 and 10. Only suggestion I would have is to do a clean install of 10, and don't try to upgrade. Just make sure you back up all you important data 1st. I was reading some people are getting stuttering in games that did an upgrade.
  • Fissh
    I did clean install. For me, 32 bit games tend to crash my PC. This includes ESO.
    I have "run as admin", run in compatability mode, etc. But still have issues.
    My 64 bit games run perfectly.
    However, this could very well be a hardware issue. I have tested what I could...HDDmonitor, Memtest86,etc....
    I am left guessing. Processor is AMD, my last, and I "guess" it does not like running 32bit games on a 64bit system. But I am a mere shade tree IT guy....
  • Artemisshrikes
    I don't play pc but iv upgraded to 10 when it first came out and had played other mmo's with it and I think it made the experience better
    VR 16 Dragonknight Sarenvog (AD, Former Emperor)
  • Elsir
    Been using Windows 10 since it's "Insider Program" was coming to a close readying for release and have not had any issues with any games, including ESO. I would say it's safe.
    Anna (AKA: Elsir)
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