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Looking for Ebonhart Guild (not just trade guild)

Hello, I'm looking for an Ebonhart guild thats pretty active and has a lot of members online. I'm on EST. My main character is a Templar healer. I have focused some time on each craft as well. I'm vet 16 and pretty hammered right now. My GT is Ewey Gewy. I would like to join an active guild that does pve and pvp. I love pvp but Im usually playing the support role in Cyrodile. Anyway I'm just trying to find an active guild since the one I was on is pretty dead most the time these days and I still enjoy the game plus the workds are getting blurry so I haveto hurry up and hit the post discussion button soon.
  • Mystichaos666
    The Accursed Legion is recruiting: We do PvP 3 times a week, and PvE pledges and DSA twice a week. Saturday we do IC as a guild and Trials on Sunday. Check out our webpage at ... We also have a Facebook page at .

    If you are interested apply on the webpage and make sure your gamer tag and enjin name MATCH. We give out points for specially crafted gear and without those matching names it's almost impossible to find you.
  • EpicRycon
    Sent you a message over XBL.
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