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[Ebonheart Pact] Legacy of Havoc Now Recruiting!! NA | PvX

Casual guild recruiting to have fun and help each other out. Right now we are interested in helping everyone level characters, quest and level crafting. We are also building our pvp squads! LOOKING FOR ACTIVE MEMBERS!!!

-Guild Bank
-Free Werewolf & Vampire Bites
-Instant access to Guild Store
-Guild Raffle! *NEW!*
-Check Out The Facebook Page!

Message any of these leaders for invites!

Guildmaster: that dude sauce
Officers: Prophet N9ne
Edited by Mastuhshake on May 20, 2016 1:23AM
  • Mastuhshake
    Now offering FREE WEREWOLF BITES!
  • foxylivingdeadgirl
    Soul Shriven
    very very interested!!!!!!
  • Mephisto_VI
    Soul Shriven
    Gamer Tag: Mephisto VI for invite please. Have some crafting materials I would be willing to donate to help others out.
    Edited by Mephisto_VI on January 3, 2016 10:07PM
  • Mastuhshake

    We are now gearing up and building teams for PvP so we can help Ebonheart gain some ground in cyrodil. Werewolf bites are free as well as vampire. We have more werewolves than vampires right now so the vamp bites have a bit of a waiting period.

    Message "that dude sauce" on Xbox for an invite
  • Mastuhshake
    very very interested!!!!!!

    What is your gamertag? I just updated mine in the main post so idk if you messaged my old gamertag.
  • Mastuhshake
    Plenty of crafting materials for beginners and intermediate to use!
  • Mastuhshake
    New Guild Raffle! Join for your chance to win a BIG GOLD PRIZE!

    Also new facebook group up!
  • FlufySquirelSGT
    Invite me flufysquirelsgt
  • andyo1011
    Soul Shriven
    Hey I'm looking for a guild that runs Imperial Sewers if you guys run it often please add me xXMediiumRareXx
  • blue.butterfly
    Soul Shriven
    Dude sauce has tried several times to invite me to this guild. But I am not receiving the notification. Anyone know why? Is there some setting I need to fix in order to receive the invite. ???? Plz help and thanks in advance.
  • Mastuhshake
    If you are an OG member or are just now joining be sure to check out the guild fb page! We are incorporating our guild chat into that group since it is more feasible than the LINE app. Link is on the main post!
  • T0X1C_PR0D1GY
    Soul Shriven
    GT> T0X1C PR0D1GY send me an invite!
  • Mastuhshake
    andyo1011 wrote: »
    Hey I'm looking for a guild that runs Imperial Sewers if you guys run it often please add me xXMediiumRareXx

    We aren't to that point yet. We are a fresh guild and right now we are helping each other level and get to where we can run groups together. You are still more than welcome to join!
  • Mastuhshake
    Offering opportunity for advancement. Anyone distinguishing themselves as a helping hand in guild improvement, and recruiting can earn themselves an officer spot in Havoc Gang!
  • Mastuhshake
    Still seeking active members, and we are running our 2nd Guild Lottery right now! Join up for prizes, contests, etc. Accepting all levels and skill. We are looking to build up together!
  • Daelykos
    Soul Shriven

    Have some questions regarding a few things. You guys still recruiting?
  • USMC_VetGraham
    how organized is your PvP squads and do they follow a rank structure and command?
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