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Small guide to bagspace, economy and crafting for new players.

Bank and Bagspace:
Lvl up your inventory space to what you can easily afford.
Lvl up your Bank space to what you can easily afford.
Feed your mount with bagspace food and speed equally.
Make chars you can use as mules, for each crafting profession. You will not be able to hoard everything on one char + bank, there are simply too many items.

Level it to the point of use. By that I mean gather ingredients you need, for recipes of the food you need to buff yourself with. Learn all possible recipes you find.
-Materials you do not use, sell it to players or a vendor, or destroy. Recipes you have already learned, you can sell to other players, some of the lower tier blue and purple recipes go for a lot of gold, due to rarerity. This profession is the only really useful profession from day 1, as it will help you increase your stats and survival or damage output.
Stuff to keep:
Recipes for your other chars, otherwise sell to players.
What you need to level up with and what you need for personal use (your own food and drinks).

Level this slowly up, as the lower tier waters/poisons can be hard to farm/ expensive to buy later on. Take a look at traders in your main city, see what flowers that go for the cheapest prices, then use those you have - don't use the expensive flowers you have to lvl up alchemy with, because stuff like Columbine go for 150-300g per flower on the player market. It would be a total waste, if you spend those to lvl up with.
Stuff to keep:
*lvl 20-cp150 waters/ solvents. Lvl 40 solvents/poisons are very difficult to farm, so if you have a char that reached Coldharbour, then FARM FARM FARM MANY STACKS OF THIS, and sell some of them, or keep them for your other chars to level up alchemy with.
*All flowers and mushrooms.

The most easy way of lvl'ing up this skill, is by buying 200 cp150 potency (square blue runes), 200 random cheap essense runes (triangle green-yellow runes) and 200 Rekuta (Purple aspect rune). Have a friend craft you the glyphs and deconstruct them all. It is relatively expensive, but this is the fastest way of lvl'ing up the slowest craft.

Alternative way: grind zombies and ghosts. They tend to drop a lot of glyphs you can deconstruct, and you can lvl up this way slowly, while questing in the various regions.

Stuff to keep:
*Potency runes can be profitable to sell for gold to other players. Should you need low level potencies in the future, the fastest way is to go to an enchanter npc of that level and buy white glyphs, and deconstruct them to extract the potencies you need. The other option is to search through traders and hope to find it fast.

Woodworking/ Clothing/ Blacksmithing
Can be done in 1-2 days really, just by grinding gear and deconstructing if you wait till you get access to cp150/cp160 loot. The headache lays in what to keep and sell. In general you can deconstruct all your loot as a low level, and sell the materials to other players or npc vendor. - The priority you should keep on these 3 professions is researching traits. You have to start researching from early on, and once you lvl up fully in a craft, you can research spend skillpoints in the specific craft, you can research 3 items at once in that craft at any given time.

So basically you can focus questing, then when you are high level veteran - start lvling fast in these 3 crafts by deconstructing higher lvl loot, use skillpoints for research purpose and start with 3 items at once. This is good if you like questing fast, if you don't then run around and deconstruct your loot from early levels on, because you might as well...

IMPORTANT: learning these 3 professions is good on multiple chars, as you will be able to learn traits faster. This can become a problem later on in the game, when you wish to learn the more rare and expensive styles. You will have to spend millions or farm for over a year to learn all motifs on 1 char, now imagine that be multiplied with the amount of characters you've got for this purpose. If you like achievements and is a completionist, I strongly recomend that you save your gold and farming time and only learn these 3 crafts traits with 1 char.

Stuff to keep: (if you have crafting bag, this is not needed as you will have room for all materials)
*Raw materials. If you are low level then check out the prices of raw materials through various vendors, and sell them at those prices to other players. Once you have spend skillpoints in extraction then stop selling and start collecting these raw materials and refine them for yourself. The materials would be a waste, if you don't have enough skillpoints to extract the goods in them, so it is much more profitable for low level crafters to actually sell their raw materials.
*Enough cloth/ ingots/ leather/ wood materials for your writs/ own crafting items. Sell the rest to players... low level materials specially are highly wanted, since most sellers sell cp150-cp160 mats. People don't focus much on trading at lower levels, as they don't have the need to cash in 1-2 million for new gear, so those materials are hard to find.
*Improvement Materials - if you have leftovers or something you don't use, sell to other players.
Style materials << keep the rare ones or just keep the ones you use for writs. Everything you can buy at a blacksmithing vendor npc for 15g is not worth collecting nor selling.
*Trait materials - worth keeping Sapphires and the 2 types nirncrux. Everything els is worth getting rid of, and easily farmed/ bought from other players.

Good way of cashing in raw materials, flowers, legendary quality tempers and potency, and good inspiration points if you tend to take your time playing the game, questing and crafting.

Problematic writs:
If you outlevel your current region for writs, you will have to finish the quest in a different region. It is messy, and in this case I recomend you to respec your skills, and spend less skillpoints in those crafts, so you don't run into these problems.

Alchemy: you will get quest to gain flowers that you do not have access to as a low level, and you will be forced to buy from other players, or teleport to your friends and guildmates in other regions to be able to farm those, in order to fulfill your crafting writs.
*Alternatively you can abandon that writ and wait till next day, and hope to get a writ you can farm the materials for.

I strongly recomend every player to try to join a trading guild, if you wish to cash in gold and sell your gear. You can use zonechat if you are a pc player, or go to crowded places and try to sell your stuff if you are a console player - but a trading guild with a somewhat sensible trader location can save you that trouble.
-Do not join a trading guild, if you only wish to purchase or check out prices. For that purpose, you can go to the crowded towns, and search through more guildstores and get a better idea of pricing.

If you play on PC get Awesome Guildstore addon. It will show you the individual prices on stacked items you see in guild stores. It will also allow you to search more specifically for items.

Console players - since you can't have addons, then you have to do the eyewatering search in guildstores to get an idea of prices on items.

TTC website is useful to get an idea of what items are set for sale and how much, but it doesn't show you the sold-price of items. But it helps getting an idea of what stuff is more in demand etc.

Sales through guild trader:
*Green to Blue improvement materials and potency runes sell best at low level areas and in small stacks of 10-50.
*Purple to gold improvement materials and potency runes sell best at veteran trading guilds, located in the more busy parts of the game, such as Belkarth in Craglorn or the capital cities where lots of veteran players go to pick up their pledges. They sell in all stack sizes, but usually the smaller amount the higher price, as the ones that have stacks of 200 keep their prices low to get rid of it - due to lack of inventory space.
*Recipes of all levels sell good everywhere, specially lower tier blue and purple recipes.
*Crafted food, drinks and potions that are used for writs. However they don't sell for much. Crafted xp-potions and Orzorga food and drinks are an exception though.
*Provisioning materials, but they sell best in large stacks and it can be argued that saving the headache and not collecting these are best, as you can easily go to a dungeon and farm loot you can vendor faster than having to save those materials to stack them and sell them after some time.
*Flowers sell good, specially the ones that are used for spell power potions and tristat potions. For isntance Columbine goes for 150g-300g per flower, because many endgame players depend on potions to keep their resources and damage up.
*Low level looted set armor, weapons and jewelry sell for good money, however it is hard to sell. Many players don't want to bother searching through guildstore clutter for specific items, and they just go with crafted gear until they reach endgame content. Usually the only "easy" sellable low level set item is Warlock, specially the rings sell for good money.
*Do not craft set armor and set them for sale in a guildtrader, it sells bad usually. Ask around if anyone needs a crafter for specific items, and craft on demand, so you don't waste your time and efford.
*Raw materials: sell good everywhere. Max levelled crafters run around and search for these, and they pay good cash for it everywhere on the map.
*Potency runes of all levels sell for reasonable good prices.
*Essense runes sell good too, but check out the prices of the individual type of essense rune. Some of them, such as Makderi is only gained through farming the runes or getting a rare glyph for deconstruction, they can not be obtained by buying glyphs at a vendor and extracted by deconstruction. So makderi usually has a higher price than other runes (50g-500g). In case you have IC DLC, then you may get lucky and get a Hakeijo rune in the sewers....they sell between 5k-20k. These sell best if you set them up for sale individually, as people don't need many of them in contrary to the regular runes such as Oko, Deni and Makko that you need for armor glyphs -these can easily be sold in stacks of 2-200.

DISCLAIMER: my pricing information is based on PC/ EU prices. These things vary a bit depending on wether you play on XBox, PS4 or PC and wether you play in NA or EU.
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