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PS4 Group XP share as of 11/27/15?

Soul Shriven
Hey guys. Most posts I find are dated on this topic and I haven't played for months.

I have some friends that are either much Lowe level then me (15 level disparity) and new players .I had the following question.

How is XP presently shared in a group?

Before it was pointless I found to group with people not within 5 levels of you. Especially dungeons before my friends got no exp when there was a big disparity.

Help! Thanks!
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  • LearnThis
    If you want to get xp then you need to be within 5 levels to benefit the most. However, if you have the Orsinium DLC, you can level with anyone you want no matter how many levels different they are with you (battle leveling). This is something that @ZOS got right in my opinion. You can have a V16 friend run around with you at a low not vet level and still get xp from killing things. So, if you are looking to grind and farm, run around Wrothgar and level up.
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  • Boze
    Soul Shriven
    In this example mind you.

    I am level 44
    My friend is 36
    And I have other friends interested in joining the game.

    Would someone who started a new character be able to grind effectively from 1-vr16 kind of thing in just orsinium?

    Edited by Boze on November 30, 2015 3:12AM
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