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Need Hardcore PVP guild

I am looking for a very active hardcore PVP guild. I currently mostly play in EP. I have two vet 16 characters but they mostly focuses in PVE. I am currently grinding out another PVP character that is V3. I am in need of a good guild where I can join in PVP groups most days.

While I have spent a lot of time with EP character I currently have two DC characters. One is a V15 and V2. These characters where used for mostly PVP at one point, but when this game first launched I struggled finding a DC guild. If there are any DC PVP guilds out there I would be willing to give them a chance and keep my EP characters to PVE only.

If you would like me in your guild send me an invite and then post your guild info here, so I know to accept you invite in game
GT: BigMac Smiley
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