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[EP] EternalValor rebuild back @ 165: Recruitment.

Soul Shriven
Guild has been active since day 3. Frequently hit 300+ members then purge un-actives. Last night we lost 150 due to fallout, black-ops and starwars. Trying to rebuild us back up to a nice active guild. As of now were back to 165 actives.
About us: A social guild (we also keep a trader) PVE, PVP, dungeon and farm. Everyone knows to expect invites if someone is short a person or two. Multible levels in the guild but we also focus on end game (currently 20+ vr16's left) We like to stay no drama and hassle free. Currently bring in about 250k a week in donations and keep our trader in shadowfen or ebon heart. If donations are high we get a better city. Last stretch was 4 weeks. We were out-bid this week.

We have implimented a new rank/donation system to combat un-activity.
Donation requirement is 1k minimum. Shows you active and gets trader access. (If no donation is made you will be removed on mondays at bid time)
5k = bank access and notes.
10k = Entries into contests/giveaways (i.e. Naked Nord Race/Weekly payout of 10% of the weeks donations)
15k+ gets bonus priviledges.
This weeks donations buys next weeks rank. If donation is not maintained you will lose a rank a week, until removal.

We are willing to except any other suggestions that might help improve the guild. I am currently a over night player but we are recruiting for all times.
If your interested please message my XBOX Profile as I will probably not return to this post. Feel free to leave a comment though to keep the post alive as long as possible. Thanks for reading.

Xbox GT = BornAProphet
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