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Warrior Nation - Fun - Mature -Community

Soul Shriven
**Warrior Nation Gaming Community** is a large multi-gaming community that puts the focus on games, gaming and gamers. We are not the most 'elite' team in the world and we never will be - however, we have some of the most fun. We're just a bunch of mature gamers that love playing video games with like-minded, mature, fun individuals.

We currently have a solid team on PS4 (DC), however, we feel it's time to bring our community to Xbox One with the Ebonheart Pact!

**How to Join**

* Review our Xbox-centric forums at;
* If you are interested in joining our ranks, post on our guest forum stating that WNxConroi sent you and we'll you approved.
* Feel free to engage me on XBL, my ID is Hyde0709, with any questions.

**Please be aware:** We prefer that our members are both active in-game and on our forums.

Note; Our ESO team is small, however we are actively growing and we have gamers on, on a daily basis.
Note #2; We have a unique setup for Xbox within the Warrior Nation community. We have an 'Xbox Division' that allows us to discuss, play and coordinate amongst other XB gamers.

Our community is great, I hope you decide to join us!

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