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XB1 LF Experienced players for White Gold runs

Please add Dark Ninja326

I am a sorc DPS, v16.

Interested in PVE guild that actually run dungeons and have active members.
  • Death_Angel27
    Looking for group to farm white gold with this weekend. Message me in game GT: Le Mort Roux if you want to farm it. I am a DPS Sorc with Divines Kena Shoulders, Well-fitted Kena Hat, wear a variety of sets including julians, clever arch, twice born.
    V16 Sorcerer-DPS
    V16 NightBlade-DPS
    V16 Templar-DPS
    501+ CP
  • Jaywics
    Check us out bro, think we are exactly what you are looking for.

    One Piece

    Give the recruitment thread a look over and tell us what you think. (Signature)

    If you have Line hmu and we can chat.

    LINE: Jaywics
    XBOX1 NA
    XBL: Jaywics
    Discord ID: jaywics#2078

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