Arch Legion - NA DC PvE - recruiting active, social members

Arch Legion is a brand new dedicated PvE guild in Daggerfall that just launched over the weekend. We currently have over 20 active members and are looking to boost our numbers to secure a trader next week.

We welcome members of all levels and experience.
Arch Legion is a social guild. Having a mic and utilizing guild chat is strongly encourage.

Ranks are split into member and officer ranking systems. As a PvE guild, we want to help our guildmates as much as possible. Therefore, it takes merely being active and joining in on guild events/activities to gain access to the guild bank.

I host a PvE event every week (skyshard hunting in Orsinium this weekend). We are also forming raiding teams (and coordinating team events) to ensure that the daily is completed regularly.

If this sounds like something up your alley, just drop your GT below and I'll shoot an invite your way after maintenance.

Facebook Group:

  • Ravens-Sonata
    GT Ravens Sonata

    Multiple Chars in DC couple in AD and one in EB - Highest is V8 lowest Is like lvl 11

    I am strictly PvE, willing to help as I can!


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