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AD - Raiding Guild!

Everlasting Conquest is an end game PvE guild that values quality over quantity! We have completed all end game content and working on our last feat, which is Hardmode sanctum, as of now only a handful of AD players have actually completed such content, we are fortunate enough to be part of these few! We raid every M/W/S at 9PM EST! If you join to do trials it is required you are not only able to make these days / times, but also excel in your class and role! We don't allow members to be carried through content, every individual has to make an important impact on the group to further better it! As of now we have TWO trial groups, meaning every week we have 24 members who venture into the hardest content and successfully accomplish it! If you want to be part of an amazing community with a high volume of skilled, like
Minded players, please don't hesitate and contact me now! My GT is Hordemasterr, and I await your message!


You may also join as a casual player, meaning you're here for PvE content, just not dedicated to trials, for more info about that message me!
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