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Einherjar Legion is Recruiting

Are you looking for a guild that is community minded and actively works to help each other out, a guild that runs events, for pvp, dungeons and, dlc specific activities?

Are you willing to contribute gold towards a guild trader but are sick of being told you have to give x gold or you’re out? Would you prefer to contribute what you can, when you can and have that happen in the form of raffle tickets so you have a chance of getting a little bit more for your gold?

If you answered yes to any of these questions than I think we have the guild for you…

Einherjar Legion is currently recruiting, we are looking for members that are willing to be active and participate. (How you participate is entirely your choice) As mentioned above we do not have set weekly dues but we do ask for either an initial 1k deposit or raffle ticket(s) purchase to gain access to the store and expect that you pitch in be it with raffle tickets or just whatever you can when you can after that. Our ability to provide a guild trader is dependent on our bank balance, but we don’t want to have to force people to want to help.

We have a great group of people that are always willing to help out their guild mates so would really like people who are of the same mindset. We love to laugh and are constantly teasing each other. Just fair warning, if you are easily offended this is definitely not the guild for you. In that vein we ask that you be 18+. If you are interested please leave your tag below or shoot me a message ( xWarriorSmurfx ) and I will make sure you get an invite.

*Note: We are primarily Ebonheart Pact but do have members that play in the other alliances as well*



  • xWarriorSmurfx
    Our 50/50 raffle prize is currently at $137k

    Come join us and get in on the action, we are pretty fantastic ;)
    Edited by xWarriorSmurfx on November 13, 2015 7:06AM
  • xWarriorSmurfx
    Up to $141,000 =)

  • xWarriorSmurfx
    You know you wanna join... ;)

    Raffle prize @ $161,000
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