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Request list

I'm a Role Player at heart and me and my friends have complied a list of what we feel is missing and are very much needed at this point in time.

1. Appearance changing option/NPC/scroll. (Working on it besides the upcoming DLCs longterm)
Most RP-ers also have a Pve/PvP life beyond the boundaries of the gathering locations and some of us didn't intend to RP with him at first.. Some of us have made mistakes during our character creation, others have decided to change their character's type/personality and want to make some look modifications along with it and other just get more and more scars every day. Regardless of their reasons, this is a basic option that should have been implemented ages ago. ((Yes I put this option first, it's my post, I need it like a fish needs water.))

2. Housing. (Working on it besides the upcoming DLCs longterm)
Whether it's just player housing or guild housing , most of my friends feel dire need for privacy. I believe most RP-ers can relate to this issue. Besides, those of us that manage without can give some interesting scenes for random questing people when they walk into a doorless tavern room. Some of them are trols, some shy away, but there might be an under-age walking by at some point.
2.1. Decoratable houses: We all want multiple options to personalizing our home. To count the main wishes: the style of architecture, interior wall hue, style of furniture and most important of all, we would greatly enjoy placing all those stolen trinkets around our home, to be displayed for every visitor to see. It may cause lag but only if there isn't an item limit to it.

3. Interactive emotes.
Can I get a shout out from all those couples RP or non-RP? The most needed would be:
  • -hugging (is the most used emote so far, we just manage with /welcome)
  • -carrying (second most used emote. Sometimes a lover cradles his/her significant other, other times a bouncer picks up an unconscious drunkard on his shoulder and plops him out the bar but most of the times, us stronger warriors carry the wounded to a healer)
  • -kissing (during a hug or when the s.o. is cradled or whenever you feel like it, this is a massive occurrence and not just for couples)
  • -dancing (sure we can work out to synchronize the /dancealtmer emote but it's not the same as something especially coded for us to enjoy)
  • -push and pull (Nothing would be more hilarious than to drag afk people around, though it's not necessary to actually move a player from his/her spot)
<<Awaiting more inputs from the forum users>>

This new option will go along nicely with a special UI window where we can use all emotes, much like skills, and may be sort them on a bar too, because there are SO many and we can get lost easily in them.

4. Separate banking slots/system for clothes/equipment that serve as RP costumes. (In the second quarter of the year we will get crafting bags in which we can store an unlimited number of mats. It will come along with the DB DLC)
(I am NOT referring to the collectible or crown store costumes!) We have to deal with all the items provisioning, alchemy and enchanting need for crafting. We barely have room to save a new set or two for PvE and PvP purposes. Now imagine this crafter having to deal with RP to. What I'm suggesting is a separate banking tab where you can put in the regular clothes you find by stealing and crafted/ found set items that will lose all their stats if they are placed in this tab. I'm sure RP-ers have that once lvl 15 set item that they think it's looks so awesome on them when they go chatting with high nobles (the RP-er being V1+). I for one have a Haloween costume that can't bare to throw away.

5. More guild slots.
Let's face it, your character is a Nord = Tavern RP guild, which is also a werewolf = Pack hunting guild , which is also of noble blood = High nose guild , which has a bunch of vampire friends = Vampire guild and he's thinking of getting cured and mouth-watering at that new guild that is all good and righteous. " Now how can I keep to all these clans and get my PvE, PvP and merchant guild needs satisfied?". Just saying it's not easy to find guilds that satisfy most of these needs in one go. Also people make bad decisions and won't leave their friends for PvE needs or the other way around. Oh and not to forget, you have more than 1 RP character and they all have their different personalities and affiliations!

6. Extended Appearance Bars (Height; more?).
I have a Cathay-rath Khajiit, that's 7'5 tall kitty and I feel stupid having to explain this to the Altmer women that call me shorty. Also my Nord friend proclaims he has giant's blood running through his veins and is just as tall as I am. Then my Bosmer friend is sick of being smaller than all the Bosmer ladies. And I'm sure there's RP-ers out there that proclaim they are children (vampire children possibly) or suffer from some sort of dwarfism (leaving out all the other Khajiiti breeds). This is a cry I frequently hear from the RP community and random players on zone chat. Of course, any true RP-er would not want any lore-violating implementations.

7. Sittable Chairs. [Aded by Eiagra]
I would also like to add the option to make furniture sittable. "Sit on Bench" addon does an adequate job, but you end up sitting on the very edge of the seat, and this doesn't work at all for benches and tables. There are a lot of areas with so many chairs around a table that /sitchair doesn't even work, because there's just no room for you and your friends! I'm not sure how large a task this would be (there's a lot of chairs in the world...) but it would be very nice to see.

8. NPC chatt OFF option.
Tavern RP can be a common thing and most taverns also have bards and NPC that talk if you get anywhere near them or NPC that constantly have something to say. Tavern RP can take hours and some taverns are filled daily. There is only so many times I can take hearing "Red Diamong" sang before I feel like I want to kill Malukah.

9. Name changing option. [Aded by connor_worlineub17_ESO] (Working on it besides the upcoming DLCs)
Some of us made mistakes here to. This wouldn't be possible in any other MMO but I believe there is a reason we have an -account name- and this option is to be expected to show up soon. It can also go well with a drop list of names you had before and a great limitation to how often you can change it. Though it may sound scary, the Steam community seems to work very well with it and have no issue what so ever with finding their friends. Not to mention they enjoy having to play around with this option.

These are the most important features that must be addressed. They are somewhat pressing matters and I'm sure all RP-ers will agree. Apart from these matters there are the usual: More hair styles, more clothes, more pets and mounts, more emotes, etc.

I request all users who read above to post below their approval, disapproval and other requests I might have missed. I will be editing this post to may be have a better chance at getting the developer's attention with a nice clean presentation.
Edited by aria230 on January 20, 2016 12:39PM
  • Opeline
    Now, this is something I must highly agree with. We as RPers are getting some love, but not nearly as much as the PvE and PvP community. Yes, we do get some costumes, but that does not help us out too much. We use our imagination and creativity most times, but that only gets us soo far. We only have a set bit of ground we can rp with, select emotes.

    The hugging, kissing and carrying emote. YES, cannot stress enough how amazing this would be for the RP community as a whole. For those of us that take the mmoRPg games for what they are, this would boost our gaming and pleasure experience to the next level. For those of you that are dirty reading this, please stop. This is simply a huge quality of life change and I know that Aria and I are not the only ones the feel the same on this subject. I am sure the coding would be difficult to manage. But there is a suggestion for that: Just like with the Ring of Mara pledges, or initiating group quests, I think it could be managed that way. One party member or player could invite the one they wish to initiate the interaction with to join. For instance, the carry emote. The one that initiates the interaction, would be the one that would be the one to pick up the other. Same with the kissing, the one that initiates, kisses the cheek, or something. This opens up a wide variety of new player to player interactions.

    On the note of hairstyles and the such, another large yes. While it would not bother me to not have them in character creation, a simple barber shop that would cost increasingly more amount of gold or crown points (I f you went that route) depending on the number of changes you did, would suffice. I am not a fan of the crown option, but it is there and honestly, I am one of those people that would not care, so long as I got the option to change. At a simple rate of 200, 400, 600 gold respectively for each change of appearance in succession would be perfectly acceptable. 10, 20, 30 crowns respectively. Nothing huge, but enough that people would watch how they make them/remake them and keep them from wanting to do it too often. Maybe I am going off on a weird tangent. *Shrug* This is something the RP and other communites have wanted for some time.

    I have nothing to really imput with the housing as I have heard that it is coming at some point. I suppose if I were to add anything: Guild or Personal options. A guild leader could have the option to set their own personal choice for a guild setting, where each individual could have their own personals, still. *Shrug* Another "I have no idea how to go about that".

    More guild slots? YES.

    Dynamic to progressively heal/ acquire more scars based on your in character reactions and reflexes? YES.
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  • Totalitarian
    Accidentally made the sister to my main RP character have blonde hair instead of gray self. Want to fix.

    But I believe that they may already be working on the Edit Character function. I saw something like that around the forum a month or two ago. Of course, development is not the same as implementation.
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  • Eiagra
    Here are my thoughts so far...

    1.) Appearance Change
    Supposedly on its way in a future update. Hopefully this will not be cost-prohibitive to roleplayers, but I expect this will have enough of a cost to deter casual plastic surgery addicts. This is something that can be monetized, and SHOULD be monetized to help support the longevity of the game, though an in-game resource cost option would be nice (akin to skill/attribute resets). Hope to see more hairstyles and beards available once it goes live!

    2.) Player Housing
    I've heard rumors, but I support this. Not for privacy for certain forms of roleplay, but because it's a staple of Elder Scrolls. And let's face it, only so many people can "claim" an abandoned or cleared home before people start treading on each others' toes. I would like to see a range of homes, from shacks to houses to above-shop apartments to small fortifications (dare I say as large as a castle, but that would be a bit much -- and if implemented, should demand a HUGE sum of in-game resources). Various home styles should also be offered (at varying costs depending on alliance--cross-alliance styles should cost more). As well, possibly the option to open a tavern/inn type place, and the option to make it available to the public or keep it as a private home. Customization, though maybe tricky to implement, would also flesh this out ideally.

    If this is monetized, then there should not be a monthly fee of in-game or real-life resources (it should be a one-and-done purchase). If it is NOT monetized, then a monthly in-game resource fee would be inconvenient, but make sense to help with in-game economy (i.e. get the gold out of the game).

    3.) Two-Party Emotes
    This would be nice, but possibly hard to implement. The mechanics of triggering an emote request should be easy enough (use the Interact radial menu, select Emote With..., then select an emote; other party must allow the emote, just like confirming a trade or group request. Should cancel during combat, be unavailable in combat mode, canceled on either party's keypress/Shift key/etc. The hard part will be the simple logistics. Who walks to whom once the emote is initiated? What range will this have (trade range seems the most logical)? What catches are in place in case there is something blocking the way?

    So, yeah, this would be nice to see, but cramming this feature into the current development cycle may be a challenge.

    4.) Separate Clothing/Costume Slots
    I don't see this happening as the game stands presently. Right now, we have two kinds of "costume" options: The Collectible costume system (which cannot be modified or dyed), and Equipment Slots (which have the same customization that all equipment does). The entire Costume system would have to be revamped in order to support this.

    One option would be Costume Slots. Each slot is a combination of equipment and costume pieces. Adding an equipment piece to your costume options destroys it, much the same way research/deconstruction does. Purchasing a Costume from the crown store gets you access to using certain pieces and combining them with others. Then, in a separate "Vanity" tab, you can create a Costume using the pieces you have available to you, dye it, and save the combination to a Costume Slot. Start with 4 slots, and purchase more either with Crowns or in-game currency.

    Of course, one of the problems with this is that some costumes (example, Blacksmith and Chef) use pieces that are already available as Justice System clothing, which devalues them... It would also devalue motif materials, since you could just craft a single unit to unlock its appearance, then appear however you wish without further cost. This could be offset slightly if you need to collect each piece for each slot, but the current system (deconstruction for a chance reclaim motif material) occasionally destroys a motif material to help maintain its value. Would need to determine whether this new costume system is worth the loss of economic value to motif materials. Could raise the value of individually crafted pieces, however, especially for rare motifs.

    5.) More Guild Slots
    I agree with this. When I first got ESO and discovered I could join 5 guilds instead of a single 1, I was utterly delighted. Two personal, one racial, one roleplay, and one trade guild later, I find five slots to be surprisingly cramped. Maybe expand this to 10 slots and see how well people manage with that.

    6.) Extended Appearance Bars (Height; more?)
    I also agree with this. Why should the Undaunted be the only ones special in the world? However, I believe this should be a monetized option (either crown or in-game currency) as an ADDITIONAL fee on top of the costs of the Appearance Change costs. 10-20% Taller/Shorter seems like a good option, but there are some issues that must be considered.

    First: Will extraordinarily short players, particularly Bosmer, have an unfair advantage in PvP?
    Second: Will extraordinarily tall players, particularly Altmer, cause heavy clipping issues in any animation scenarios?
    Third: To what degree would these changes be lore-friendly? (Note, if these aren't lore-friendly at all, maybe all the Undaunted NPCs should shrink a bit...)

    If the body meshes support it, extending other bars outside of their normal range might be interesting to see too (particularly built, particularly scrawny, etc.) As well, it would be nice if we could select a base hair color, then brightness/saturation, rather than fixed color swatches. This is not to say I want to see crazy hair colors -- hue should still be racially fixed (although if you want to run around Cyrodiil with a bright neon hairdo to make it easier to be a target...).

    Addemdum: 7.) Sittable Chairs
    I would also like to add the option to make furniture sittable. "Sit on Bench" addon does an adequate job, but you end up sitting on the very edge of the seat, and this doesn't work at all for benches and tables. There are a lot of areas with so many chairs around a table that /sitchair doesn't even work, because there's just no room for you and your friends! I'm not sure how large a task this would be (there's a lot of chairs in the world...) but it would be very nice to see.
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  • aria230
    But I believe that they may already be working on the Edit Character function. I saw something like that around the forum a month or two ago. Of course, development is not the same as implementation.

    They have publicly stated some time after the game launch that introducing the appearance changing option is planned for. They have been putting it off for this long.
  • connor_worlineub17_ESO
    yeah i want apprearance/name change more that anything else. when i first made my orc character Draknosh I couldn't thnk of a good clan name, and now that I have one i wanna toss it into my game mechanical character name!
  • TheDreadFather
    Yes I The Dread Father agree with all that is said above. & with that I must ask from where you all hail from? I myself am of The Daggerfall Covenant (PS4)(NA)
  • Azaraneth
    Soul Shriven
    I love all these suggestions and would love to see them in game. I would love to see these implemented as crown store options, and I would be happy to pay for them.

    A couple of the suggestions are small, would make roleplayers happy and could be free. Ultimately I think if we're prepared to pay for something then its much more reasonable for us to get it.

    Despite this, some of the options ZoS is already working on without us having to pay for it, and that is awesome.

    I believe that if we really want a body of content that non-roleplayers won't use, then we should be thinking about whether we're happy to pay for it too.

    My question is… is there any vehicle by which the RP community can get feedback on which of these ideas are something ZoS finds feasible and could work on, and which ideas are not currently feasible because of the costs and risks to ZoS? Are we genuinely mature enough as a community to work with ZoS and help find profitable means for these to become feasible?

    Something like... an opinion poll in the forums about a crown store cost for a feature, and a target number of people to say they would be happy to pay that price for that feature? Or perhaps a crowd source based model that delivers content for our small but active community if targets are met?

    What I am trying to say is that I think dialogue is essential, and immature comments in that dialogue damages the chance of projects like this being delivered successfully. I think the community needs to support ZoS in the dialogue. Because if ZoS comes out and says that a suggestion isn’t cost feasible, they look like they don’t care about players. If an option IS feasible and they are waiting to do it (because they have some other, bigger priorities to focus on right now) then people will complain about the delay. Discussions that involve this kind of negative PR are hard for a company like ZoS to have... despite which, ZoS does exactly that and still talks with us about these things anyway. Which is amazing.

    They are delivering an amazing product and we’re still asking for more. I think the only way that will really work for us is if we give ZoS that high level of support they will need to make changes for a small community like ours. I personally doubt it can be achieved, not because of any failure from ZoS, but because ultimately we are an online community and online communities are rarely cohesive.

    And if ZoS cannot discuss the practicalities involved in making things like this happen, then an essential part of solving the problem – dialogue – is impossible.

    Overcoming that will really require dedicated support from RPers like us who want to make all of these suggestions a reality.
  • lillfox
    I suggest some upgrades to guilds.
    - Select primary guild and see icons of other guildmates in map view.
    - More guild bank options (something WoW did right) to set limitations to how many items ranks can withdraw per day and - what level of rarity they are allowed to withdraw.
    - Member notes that members can edit themselves AND Officer notes only officer ranks can edit and choose to show to members or just to other officers.

    I would very much like a Guild Hall. I personally like the look of the one in the .Hack/ anime.
    There could be one per city... off to the side of it. Enter thru the doorway like entering an instance where only your own guildmates are there with you. (Setting a primary guild would come in handy for this). The Guild Hall would display the guild banner and guild achievement awards.
    Inside would be a balcony for speaches, a banquet table with sit-able/no chairs (with options for what to have on the table... like food/drink, corpses, books and potions, maps and navigation/war implements, craft supplies or wares, herbs and baskets, etc....)
    A private officers' room that only the guild leader and officer ranks can enter with maps on the walls and artifacts and office-looking stuffs. Maybe a couple more rooms off to the side like a room where members can speak with the officers apart from the other members. A kitchen/mini bar (because we all like them). A basement/dungeon (because we all like those too), and a library/den/sort of place to 'store' all the guild records or to sort the finances (or whatever we choose to call it). A tower/outpost/lookout and causeways we can actually patrol. The whole thing should be fortified with turrets and whatnot... (because why else would we have a guild hall other than to have meetings, defend it, and have parties).
    Would also be nice to have an room (type by choice - office, dungeon, bar, outlaw check-in, courtroom, trophy room, throne room, pledge/interrogation for prospective members or whoever for whatever reason, etc. ) accessible by invitation only to those outside of membership but still part of the Guild Hall complex.

    Player Housing. Like apartments or rowhouse so that the same doorway of a structure can be used for several players. (example Anarchy Online). Inner city locations and country locations. Could even add a small workable farmyard just for fun.
    Anyone in your group can enter the house while part of the group. Different styles of housing... from a chateau to entertain multi guild parties, to a quaint little farmhouse on the outskirt of civilization, to a hunting shack in the hills, to a tent in the wilderness. Bonus, be able to 'place' ten looted items to decorate your dwelling.
  • tinythinker
    Oh hey, I just discovered (or had forgotten about/rediscovered?) this forum. I want to add this link to your thread since it also is a list of things that immersion players and active RPers are hoping to see. Might inspire some additional ideas. :)

    I am hoping for character bios other players can see.
    Edited by tinythinker on December 8, 2015 12:52AM
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