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Does your character look like you?

  • PrinceBoru
    iliatha wrote: »
    nice ear! when will be able to see the green skin :P

    ikr but my photoshop skills are not up for that challenge
    It ain't easy being green.
  • Cazzy
    Posted in another thread, but for good measure;

    Tried to! The body proportions were easy enough but my character is a much prettier in the face, I think.

    I've always liked to put myself in the fantasy realm.



    Edit: now I know what @Alucardo looks like I can create my clone army...
    Edited by Cazzy on January 1, 2016 6:39PM
  • TheNephilimCrow
    Such wondrous creations everyone! I haven't much time on my hands due to the holidays. So I haven't gotten a chance to make my Look-a-Like.
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  • PrinceBoru
    Such wondrous creations everyone! I haven't much time on my hands due to the holidays. So I haven't gotten a chance to make my Look-a-Like.

    No more excuses.
    Your thread still needs your contribution!

    It ain't easy being green.
  • Chiba_Emi
    No :C I wish I was as pretty as ANY of my characters in game, I've been thinking to do myself into the game :D probably as an Orc
    May the Three Bless you

    Reyvyn Dulni - EP
    Chiba Emi - AD
    Lilith Gilvion - EP
  • Druachan
    I wish I did look like some of my characters but hey ***, thats why its a fantasy game? Oh for pointy ears.
    Edited by Druachan on August 28, 2016 5:40AM
    Say please, before you AAAAAaaaarrrgghhh at me.
  • LeDave


    Without my mask/helmet


  • EleonoraCrendraven

    This is a Khajiit - so no :wink:

    Edited by EleonoraCrendraven on August 31, 2016 5:27PM
  • Seratopia


    I like to think so. I try to make my characters look like me as much as possible. Minus the pointy ears hair length and the hairstyle differentiation I think we are similar looking.
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