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Proposed stam sorcerer skill tweaks@zos

First tweak I suggest is make thundering presence cost magicka but still scale off of stamina.

Second tweak allow the other morph of crystal frag to be a stamina skill I suggest either ditching the increased dmg since it small aoes for maybe a small dmg shield and keep the insta cast at reduced cost. This would also allow use of the passive in dark magic that lets us heal when an enemy is struck by dark magic skills adding a bit of survival and range and even some mild tanking ability to a stam sorc.

Third tweak make the expert summoner passive usable without a slotted skill from that tree. Most other classes have a passive that just hands them a freebie stat buff with no trade off or used skill slot dk has a passive that gives em a free 2900 spell resistance with no slotting requirements. This would also allow stam sorc to deviate from some of its bound armaments dependency. And that horrid skin of genericness.

Change four atleast give clannfear a stamina scaling morph to help draw aggro and add dmg since sorc lacks any direct self heal all we got is crit surge which even with high crit rates isn't the most reliable healing source I've hit an enemy 12 times in a row with dual daggers at over 68% crit and never critted and thus died. A temp can just spam aby of its many heals a dk can dragon blood and nb almost everything steals life.

Change five Endless fury give this a point blank stam morph that regens stamina insteaf of magicka trade up the bolt for a shocking falcon punch exploding finisher since a stam will most likely be up close and personal the finisher aoe explosion at point blank will help pick targets off at close range.

Change six Bound armaments make this skill cost magicka it doesn't scale with resources and I see no reason to make it a stamina waster cast its a buff like surge toggle or not nothing about my stamina should beable to bend the fabrics of reality to spawn armor. Also both the magika and stamina morpg should off more armor armor and maybe contrasting armor and spell resistance buffs like armaments 2000 armor/ 1000 spell resist and reverse these numbers for aegis.

Toggle off bound armor skin add maybe an aura or something that doesn't hide the epic gear we collected or made.
Edited by Mettaricana on November 4, 2015 10:30AM
  • Jar_Ek
    Although I agree, I have run out of energy to pursue this in anger. The community has made repeated threads and suggestions relating to this topic without any zos response to them (that is not to say that zos have not acted on some of them). Really I would love to have a grown up conversation with the devs on this and other topics related to skill and classes, but that does not seem to be the way zos operates - and I am tired of beating my head against the wall now.
  • Erock25
    Wrobel could be a rock star around here but instead he decided class balancing deserves absolutely zero player base interaction.
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    You received 500 LOLs. It ain't no fluke, you post great stuff and we're lucky to have you here. +50 points
  • CP5
    For the clannfear I was recently thinking if it gave a minor debuff with its bites, perhaps with an added snare it could do its whole "tanking" role a bit better. Going to rummage through some of the old ideas and see how many of them still seem like they would work.
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