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Official Discussion Thread for "Orsinium is Now Available on PC and Mac"

Community Manager
This is the official discussion thread for the blog article Orsinium is Now Available on PC and Mac. We hope you enjoy our latest update, and can't wait for you to check out Orsinium!
Gina Bruno
ESO Community Manager
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  • Bloodfang
    I know you get a lot of hate (mostly from trolls lurking around these forums), but I have to say - Well done everyone at ZOS! Orsinium is probably the best expansion I've ever played in any MMORPG so far, and I thought I won't even like the Orc's Lore!

    Just continue doing what you do best -> creating great TES storylines and Lore. Remember, for every player that is criticizing you here everyday, there are a thousand of us enjoying the game! :)
    Edited by Bloodfang on November 2, 2015 8:08PM
  • Fecius
    Can't wait for a next DLC with a trial. MSArena is nice, but it's still not a trial. :)
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  • smdursoii
    Soul Shriven
    Well I read alot on the forums but never post, but had to break my silent streak to say, that although some have mixed emotions on Orsinium... I have to say Well, Friggin, Done... I am enjoying it immensely. Thank you ZOS!!!!!
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