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Auridon Map Offset

Soul Shriven
While playing, I've recently noticed an issue with the map of Auridon regarding an offset of the background of the map and the actual location of the player and pins. I've discussed this with other players in-game and several of us have noted the issue, while also noting that it is only experienced specifically with Auridon's map.

I am linking several screenshots I have taken of the issue. Note, there were no add-ons active while taking these screenshots.

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  • InstantRegret
    Soul Shriven

    The first screenshot posted corresponds with the third, and the second corresponds with the fourth.
  • Seravi
    This problem came out with IC. Thought they fixed it. :(
  • Moonshadow66
    It's not fixed yet, unfortunately^^ One of my characters is questing in Auridon at the moment, too, and I've noticed the same thing.
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  • mystercee
    Yup, this is happening to me too. Can be rather confusing at times. Not gunna hold my breath waiting for a fix anytime soon.
  • m4lenov
    lmao they still didn't fixed it
  • ZOS_Bill
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