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Official Discussion Thread for A Million Reasons to Play

  • Shadowshire
    Frankly, I was enjoying the Main Line quest "The Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent" ... until the "Interact" feature ceased to be available after my avatar killed a flying bat.

    So I had to re-log. However, I had already noticed on the local Map for the quest that a brazier which my avatar is supposed to light, within a maze, appears to be in an inaccessible location. Maybe it will be accessible after after the third brazier is lit. That is, after the Repair Files function has completed its run. Then I will re-log.

    For every reason that I have to play this game, I have at least one -- often more -- to abandon it entirely. Nothing is more boring than logging-out and logging-in again as a workaround for an arrant BUG in an IMPORTANT feature that the Bethesda programmers have simply ignored or failed to repair. I am tired of looking at transition screens and waiting more than a minute for the next batch of code to load. I am tired of waiting for Repair Files to recover from the damage.

    Sooner or later, as others have, I will become fed-up with the amount of time that I spend dealing with the consequences of Bethesda's programming fails. When will you get a clue that if you don't have reliable software, then you have nothing??????

    UPDATE: Since posting the above comments, I discovered (with some support from Z.O.) that the crashes which required me to re-log in order to continue play were caused by a malfunctioning Internet router that was operated by TW Communication Holdings Inc. It was causing problems with all websites to which I wanted to connect, not just playing ESOTU. Albeit, the firm had been recently acquired by Level(3). Basically, Level(3) is an ISP for *** Communications -- that is, they pay Level(3) to connect *** networks to the Internet "backbone". Unfortunately, it took far too much time and effort to persuade my ISP (*** Communications) to contact the Level(3) tech support personnel with whom I had spoken, so that they could "open a ticket" to notify their network engineers and administrators of the problem. But it was done.

    Transition screens are still too slow to load to suit me. However, the recurring software crashes that required me to re-log the character, or even to log-out entirely and Repair Files, have become very few and seldom occur.

    For a better and more recent expression of the principal reason that I play ESOTU, please read:

    To the Quest Designers & Writers: Thank-you for "Torn Asunder"

    Edited by Shadowshire on November 18, 2015 12:19AM
    --- Shadowshire .......... ESO Plus on PC NA

    nil carborundum illegitimi
  • Adryssa_Joneley
    The real world can be such a cruel and harsh place. Sometimes also a little dull and boring. But that all changes the moment i step foot into the Elder Scrolls Online. I find myself whisked away, into another world, another reality. It helps me forget about my troubles in the real world. The world of Elder Scrolls is really beautiful, filled with atmospheric location. The sound when cranked right up brings the world around me in the game alive. Before long, i am completely immersed in the world. I absolutely LOVE adventure, exploration, progression. I absolutely adore my toons. I take extra special care when creating them. They will be part of me forever afterall. :) There is so much to do. You can fish, go for a long ride just coz you just can, story telling is well done as well. I love the fact you can become a vampire or werewolf, however i feel they need to add story-lines to those, with on-going daily missions for those factions to and make them a cult you are a part of. Will add realism and would be awesome for RP too.

    Its a game that is just so perfect for soloing as well as adventuring with your better half, friends, or family. My husband had ankle surgery 6 months back, but at least when you are on a game, you can still run around and feel like you are doing all those things that people take for granted in real life. :)

    I truly enjoy crafting in this game as well. Most other games, they were rather average. ESO did a good job on this one. Well done.

    I really love skies in a game. Night time skies are my personal favorite. I find myself glancing up into the night sky in ESO and get mesmerized just watching the stars twinkle. I am ALMOST convinced i am looking up into a real sky, and wondering to myself "I wonder what other worlds are out there, waiting to be explored." :) Absolutely love the realism.

    And i absolutely LOVE the size of the world and all the potential this game has. I can't wait for those empty sections of the map to eventually fill into locations we have access to. The thought alone is exciting. :D

    I love the skill system a lot too and the ability to earn heaps more via the discovery of Skyshards. The combat is pretty neat as well. Better than any other MMORPG I've ever played.

    There are so many more reasons i do enjoy the game. I could probably write a novel just about. ~GiGgLeS~ Easy to do when you are passionate about something i suppose.

    Well there you have it. Just some of the stuff that keep me playing ESO, and the joys that it offers me.

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  • crusnik91
    Srjon wrote: »
    So where are the Sweetrolls and Ale.
    I log in every day and play, Since Dec' 2014, I like doing Quest's and adventuring not so much into PVP.
    I find it hard to do some of the achievements like killing the the same thing over and over again and still no Daedroth eye.
    But as a MMORPG I find it much better than WOW, It as everything large maps plenty of Lore lot's of people who are willing to
    help others.
    Over all its a very good game to play great place to make new friends and be part of the many good in-game guilds as I am with Imperial trading company.

    Speaking about friends. ESO is truly a place where veteran players are more likely to help newbies. whereby the guy i just quoted gave me a legendary hunding's rage bow without asking anything in return. Hey Srjon, didn't expect to see ya here in the forums! :)

    Now back to the topic.

    Yes, ESO has its flaws ( no PvP arena for small scale PvP and for ppl to improve in PvP-ing, latency issues, drop rates which are sometimes really terrible, too many bound sets, overly nerfed DK-class, long grind to v16 and a less effective merchant system which requires one to travel a lot )

    However, one thing that shines so much more compare to other game is that ESO contains the uniqueness from the Elder scrolls series and includes a combat system which is so much better compare to other MMORPGs. The system is easy to learn yet hard to Master(In PvE as well as PvP). The learning curve of this game has found the right balance whereby newer players won't feel like they are lost in Amazon jungle and veteran players still learn something new day by day.

    Besides that, playing on a 4k monitor while questing shows the beauty of the ESO world. Also, include that beautiful world with a HUGE variety of armors, weapons, skills and classes allowing players to build something very personal and individual. For example, sorcerer doesn't always needs to be a magic user and vice versa for a dragon knight as well. This is due to the fact that the flexibility of the game produces such amazing theory crafting from players one could never imagine . Don't get me started talking about classes and skills i am pretty sure i wouldn't even stop after 10 hours!

    Hardcore or Casual, this game suits both end of the world. You can run around craglorn searching for Mats and Nirns, go into Imperial city to steal stones from others, fight for your alliance in Cyrodiil or hell ya you could even dance around in Mournhold naked while you spam the zonechat ''v16 DD LFG vWGT!!!''. The replayability of the game is just as good as eating 5 ice creams with different flavor in summer if not better.

    The saddest part of the game is that it has gain a bad reputation during the beta/alpha phase and this reputation has blinded so many people to not even give this game a try. Yet I find myself indulged into the ESO world as time goes by whether it is the combat system, the challenging trials/dungeons or even the economical part of ESO. Simply because ESO has so much to offer content-wise.

    Long story short, ESO isn't flawless and I surely couldn't name a million reasons for you to play ESO. However, one thing i am pretty damn sure of - The Elder Scrolls Online is one hell of a game.

    Jayren (EU/PC)

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    ~ Crescent Jayren Gaming ~

    Glorious EP
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  • charlmgn
    Here are my Provisioner's Dozen reasons:

    1. I love the artwork, graphics, animation and cinematics. The first thing that drew me to the game visually was the Breton Archer in the cinematics. While all three of the characters are great, he is flawless. The attention to detail in his armor amazing. In the game itself, I enjoy finding unusual locales that allow me to see the world from a rare perspective. Also, the designers' continual drive for improvement, such as redesigning the Orcish and Khajiit crafted armors to show more detail, and adding the mouth animations, shows it's just getting better.

    2. I enjoy immersing myself in the stories of the questgivers, the races, and the alliances. While I won't always feel that I have the time to enjoy it this way, either because I'm in a group, or in an area where monsters will respawn on top of me, or I've just done it recently and don't want to repeat the dialog, the story is the bottom line of what impels me to play ESO. It defines who my characters are and the world in which they live. A different game with the same mechanics, but a completely different premise, wouldn't necessarily hold my attention. I really enjoy the fact that the developers periodically modify questlines. This helps keep them fresh for those altaholics like myself who keep coming back for more.

    3. I believe that Zenimax supports the players who support Zenimax, and that keeps my subscription active. I enjoy the benefits I get as a subscriber, and use them on a daily basis. Congratulations on Nirn! It's a most bodacious creation! Not to mention your other excellent creations, like Oblivion, Aetherius… Jehannas.

    4. I love the freedom of the gathering and crafting systems in ESO. It has always frustrated me in other MMOs to pass by resources unable to harvest them because the character I'm using at the time hasn't learned how to chop wood, or isn't skilled enough to chop that particular kind of wood. Being able to harvest all resources on any character makes it unnecessary for me to designate one character to pick flowers, another to pick ore, etc., along with dedicating time on each character to farm. And being able to craft your own gear immediately without spending skill points when you start the game is a great touch. The best part of the crafting system is knowing that you can craft your own set gear, and that it's actually useful. The bonuses are worthwhile, and the items are customizable enough to allow for a huge variety of looks and skills.

    5. I like the fact that there are 4 classes, and all of them have the versatility to perform all roles, wear all armor and use all weapons. I've seen people wish for more classes, but when you have the basic archetypal roles who are free to morph into any combination currently available that doesn't leave a lot of room for a truly unique additional class. I have multiple veteran ranked characters on all 4 classes (except DK, I only have 1), and I've used different specs with each, so there truly is a lot of variety with only 4 classes.

    6. I really like the way the Crown Store is set up. They promised it wouldn't be filled with pay-to-win items when they first opened it, and they've kept that promise. They also asked what people would be willing to pay cash for, and have listened, putting those items up for sale, and periodically adding fresh products. I like to collect the limited-release mounts, so I enjoy it when I see a new one appear. I'll admit I really laughed out loud when I saw on the PTS that they're offering Vampire and Werewolf bites on the crown store. Not that selling them is funny in itself, but thinking about the ever-present arguments in zone from people saying those bites should be free, and that people charging gold are ripping off others.

    7. I don't know if they'll keep the current pace of releasing downloadable content, but I was surprised when they announced the release of Orsinium so soon after Imperial City. I'm all for it. As a subscriber I'll be in Wrothgar with the best of them, and from what I've seen on the PTS it will definitely be worth having. So for those who don't subscribe, I'd recommend shelling out some Crowns. It gives me hope though that the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild will release soon, since they discussed both on the same Twitch feed a while back with Orisinium.

    8. I've traded in other games, but this is the first game I've ever had guilds specifically for trading. It probably resulted from the fact that they hadn't instituted the guild trader system when I started, and guild stores were only for members. But the community it has built up seems to have made a niche in the game. I enjoy trading, and it makes up a large part of my time and resources, but is only incidental to the game itself, and I think that's great.

    9. I really like the fact that veteran dungeons (with the exception of a very few) have different bosses than their normal versions. The story progresses, and you meet the next generation of bosses, not just the same bosses with more health and an extra mechanic or two. I know they didn't follow this with the latest releases in Imperial City, but I hope they keep that model as their standard.

    10. I enjoyed the release of the Dragonstar Arena. It seems like a raid built for a dungeon group, which is nice because it's a lot easier to get four people together than 12. I know they haven't been able to do it yet because they weren't designed that way initially, but I hope they eventually get to scale the Arena and the Trials. The addition of a solo arena in Wrothgar is amazing, and it scales! So I can see getting a lot of enjoyment there.

    11. The Justice System! Adding that made being in town fun again. It brought the adventure within the city walls instead of having it be Tamriel's time-out corner. And some of the Legerdemain passives are indispensible.

    12. Increases in our available carrying capacity have been very welcome. This includes increasing stack sizes to 200 on many items helped a lot (although I'm still waiting for them to include prepared food/drink and potions to this, since all their materials stack to 200 now). And the latest increase of bag slots purchasable from a pack merchant from 5 upgrades to 8, for a maximum capacity of 140 character bag slots (200 with a max-capacity mount). The change to account-bound mounts, pets and costumes, as well as putting them in collections instead of taking up precious bag or bank space, was a great move. (If only there was a way to do this with the disguises we pick up…) Revamping the provisioning system has to be one of the best changes they've made in the way the game operates. We've come down to 50 ingredients (51 now with the addition of Perfect Roe) from what, about infintity? It actually is possible for a character to have all ingredients now, which wasn't possible before. While I still miss some of the recipes, which I felt gave each race and alliance some of their unique charm (Fried Worms, for example), the new system is a huge improvement.

    13. Last but not least, the best reason to play any MMO: the friends and guildies who play with me, making bad times good, and good times great.
  • Votski
    Soul Shriven
    Playing with friends from across Europe, whom I've gamed with for almost 10 years.
  • Sleep
    Sure I want to play but all the servers have been offline for a long long time.
  • inMorsAeterna
    An all around amazing game.

    When an Arena goes in, and lag in Cyrodiil gets removed I would dare to say it's the best MMO of all time.
    Atla Mors - Praetorian DK
    Decibel & Elderblade

    We want competitive Arena / Bg.
  • Salyyn
    My reason? The RP. Nothing beats having my Nord come back to Heimlyn after a long day of smithing or guard patrol, kicking her boots up, and relaxing with her friends and loved ones in Telvanni Contracts. I spend more time in RP than I do questing or dungeon grinding or in Cyrodiil. Hell, it took me almost a year to hit the level cap at v14 and I had been playing since closed beta. I only just got a second character to v2 two months ago, but I own two accounts with multiple RP characters ^_^

    The people are good, even those that have had past.... differences... we'll say, have attempted to make amends, and that means a lot. Largescale RP events that incorporate dozens of people, or hundreds if it happens to be some of the longterm plots.

    ~Salyyn Rysa~ (NA/EP)
  • AshureGlory
    I can't think of anything better than the actual players who make a game what it is. You have all of these creative people doing things with the game that the creators never even dreamed of. They're supportive (mostly) and a fun bunch that just want to have an adventure and you can't get in the way of that. There are a ton of different groups devoted to different things whether it be trading, RP, beating the crap out of the other guys in epic PvP battles, and defeating the Daedra in action packed dungeons. So no matter what you want to do in the game, there's always a bunch of people who want to do it with you.
  • asuitandtyb14_ESO
    I play for the water-downed version of Tamriel, which sacrificed story, immersion and lore for an mmo experience that is mostly single player without the quality of an authentic Elder Scrolls game.
  • Koe
    Soul Shriven
    It's also so much fun defending on of the greatest games ever against the hordes of soul shriven haters and trolls who dwell under their broken bridges critisizing any adventurer who dares cross by them with prophecies of doom and bad fortune merely for the want of enjoyment of a social version of a title that has seen many bugs in the series. This is because they consider their own creativity far superior to mere mortals, when in fact they would be hard pressed to even come up with an original name for a lead character in their vision of a great game. Maybe giving them some coin now and then would make them hold their peace. I don't know how to deal with them since they decide to torture themselves with their presence in the very world they hate. ' Ignore ' is a great feature but maybe an ' edit ' feature will clean things up better.
  • Marrtha
    - listening to Cadwell's voice
    - finding amazing poetry like 'A Nereid Stole My Husband'


    Here are three reasons outta million!
    Use @Marrtha when replying!
  • newtinmpls
    Because it beats playing Morrowind or Skyrim "next to" my husband - now we are actually in the same world!!!!

    and when he's doing writs on his high and mighty altmer super-powered old man of the desert who grumbles when characters ask him for high level glyphs ('cause he is retired, dammit) my little goblin (bosmer) Broken Branch Toothmaul shows up at the crafting station and says

    "Hi! watcha doin?" before she fails to pickpocket someone and gets killed (yet again) by the guard.

    The roleplay opportunities in this game are hilarious. The dye station - and some abuses of it are horrific. Helping total strangers in zone chat. Or the time Broken Branch joined a dance-off to win a motif (I think the one she got was argonian).
    Tenesi Faryon of Telvanni - Dunmer Sorceress who deliberately sought sacrifice into Cold Harbor to rescue her beloved.
    Hisa Ni Caemaire - Altmer Sorceress, member of the Order Draconis and Adept of the House of Dibella.
    Broken Branch Toothmaul - goblin (for my goblin characters, I use either orsimer or bosmer templates) Templar, member of the Order Draconis and persistently unskilled pickpocket
    Mol gro Durga - Orsimer Socerer/Battlemage who died the first time when the Nibenay Valley chapterhouse of the Order Draconis was destroyed, then went back to Cold Harbor to rescue his second/partner who was still captive. He overestimated his resistance to the hopelessness of Oblivion, about to give up, and looked up to see the golden glow of atherius surrounding a beautiful young woman who extended her hand to him and said "I can help you". He carried Fianna Kingsley out of Cold Harbor on his shoulder. He carried Alvard Stower under one arm. He also irritated the Prophet who had intended the portal for only Mol and Lyris.
    Order Draconis - well c'mon there has to be some explanation for all those dragon tattoos.
    House of Dibella - If you have ever seen or read "Memoirs of a Geisha" that's just the beginning...
    Nibenay Valley Chapterhouse - Where now stands only desolate ground and a dolmen there once was a thriving community supporting one of the major chapterhouses of the Order Draconis
  • Agobi
    Honestly..I can't think of a single reason to play this game

    Guess thats why I don't log in anymore :D
  • Koe
    Soul Shriven
    Agobi... u need a friend.

    I love how you copy the negativity of every other troll and act like a destructive lemming dragging everything with you as you go jump. I wish you didn't log in on this last occasion. Why did you ? This is drama for sure, but I wouldn't like to reduce myself to your level for a conversation about your ' broken game ' and ' pvp lag ' when it's all been done. Next time time just copy and paste some other troll. Your IQ is pitiful. Please build a machine capable of emulating a PS4 at least. If you don't have a single reason you are a lame person.

    Peace, and my apologies.

  • Markaeus
    My reason for playing is simple

    Community and friendship.. I've been playing this game since early access, and have made some of the best and closest friends in my life in game. Games come and go, we can all agree with that. But whether the friends I've made continue to play ESO, or move on to another game, they are still friends. That is my reason for playing.. the ability to make friendships that can continue past the game's world.
  • Vruci
    My largest reason is it keeps me sane.
    I have a god complex. Don't judge. Or do judge. I will thus proceed to smite you.
  • Vruci
    I have yet to meet more than two cool people. But I'm level 35, C'est la vi... Unless your cool, in which case mail me through forums
    I have a god complex. Don't judge. Or do judge. I will thus proceed to smite you.
  • charlmgn
    Agobi wrote: »
    Honestly..I can't think of a single reason to play this game

    Guess thats why I don't log in anymore :D

    But... you log into the forums to read about the game and post your lack of interest in the game? I'm confused.
  • Makkir
    I thought I was signing up for a 10% discount on my car insurance and somehow I ended up in Tamriel
  • olsborg
    The pvp, it can be so brilliant. When not affected by lagg, bugs or balance issues/exploits.
    Altmer Sorceror, magicka
    Bosmer Nightblade, stamina.
    Imperial Templar, stamina
    Redguard Warden, stamina

    Aldmeri Dominion!
    PC EU
    PvP only
  • americansteel
    the amount of stuff to do over 1500 quests, killing demons and a god, fishing, finally a decent game with swords, its not another generic call of duty type FPS game, its different, crafting, its fun, even though it doesn't look as good as skyrim ESO still looks good anyway you look at it. the PvP is broken and is quite boring but I make do because im forced to do so.
    I like to craft armors, I wish we had horse armor, shield dyes, weapon dyes, better looking armor and weapons.

  • Shunravi
    Marrtha wrote: »
    - listening to Cadwell's voice
    - finding amazing poetry like 'A Nereid Stole My Husband'


    Here are three reasons outta million!

    This 100%
    This one has an eloquent and well thought out response to tha... Ooh sweetroll!
  • josh5813
    After logging in being kick back out to the login screen after about 10 secs, LOVE THAT.
  • Lexxypwns
    Because CU isn't out yet
  • Alucardo
    What are some of your reasons for playing ESO?

    1. Alucardo
    2. Alucardo
    3. Goat pets
    4. Alucardo

    There's 4 right there
    (sqweee )>--- ۜ\(סּںסּَ` )/ۜ
  • Alucardo
    Replayability. It scratches my altoholic itch just right.
    True. Until you hit that 8 character limit :(
    (sqweee )>--- ۜ\(סּںסּَ` )/ۜ
  • GamerMom301
    Soul Shriven
    This game has room for everyone! Serious player thinking about min/max builds and how to pulverize other players in PVP - you can do that. Casual player who just wants to kill stuff? Check. Achievement hound who likes to grind for points? Yup. Don't want to do anything but hang out in town but post in zone chat and make your armor pretty? Sure! Like to make a lot of gold crafting stuff for people who are too lazy to gather their own damn Lady's Smock? Come on in!!!

    Plus, there is a great community of people who genuinely like the game. I was a little worried about that when they went FTP, but my personal experience has been that the community on a whole has stayed positive and helpful. LOVE this game!
  • charlmgn
    I had to ask Cadwell what he thought. :wink:
    Edited by charlmgn on October 31, 2015 5:44PM
  • EtriusDragnox
    Soul Shriven
    To the moments when the Aldmeri Dominion has a two hour defense at Fare, defending from the Daggerfall Covenant and the Ebonheart Pact, running around repairing walls, shooting ballistae all the while our guild is running around defending every portion possible, to simply fighting Molag Bal with the great sunset I had to make it all the more cinematic. Their are many great moments to be had in this game, whether Dragon Leaping onto a group of enemy players and conquering them with your group, to simply running through a dungeon with your friends or guildmates. This game has done well, and has so much room for a lot of great potential.
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