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Invisible bubbles from guards ??

Is anyone else completely sick of these invisible bubbles from guards or is it just me?

Please fix this Zos.
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  • frozywozy
    They changed the animation of Unstable Core from a black bubble to some gold glow. Not a big fan of it either.
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    • Change emperorship to value faction score points and not alliance points - see this and this
    • Fix the permanent block animation - see examples : link1 link2 link3 link4 link5
    • Change Retreating Maneuvers to apply only to 12 players and give it the Streak treatment
    • Add 2 more quickslots to the wheel or add a different wheel for sieges weaponry only
    • Gives players 10 minutes to get back into Cyrodiil after relogging / crashing
    • Increase Forward Momentum snare immunity duration to 8 seconds
    • Assign specific group sizes to specific campaigns (24-16-8)
    • Make forward camps impossible to place near objectives
    • Add an escape move to templars other than mist form
    • Fix crashes when approaching a keep under attack
    • Make snares only available from ground effects
    • Change emperorship to last minimum 24hours
    • Fix body sliding after cc breaking too quickly
    • Fix the speed drop while jumping - see video
    • Bring back dynamic ulti regeneration
    • Fix speed bug (abilities locked)
    • Lower population cap by 20%
    • Add Snare Immunity potions
    • Wtb dynamic population
    • Fix long loading screens
    • Bring ResSickness
    • Fix gap closer bug
    • Fix health desync
    • Fix combat bug
    • Fix server lag
  • Master_Kas
    I think they changed the animations for the eclipse-skill guards use.

    Cast crystal fragment, get stunned with no visual you're just standing there until you break free.

    Only visual I think is a very discrete yellowish glow around your character, but that can be very easy to miss.

    This + the honor guards unbreakable bash are really annoying :/
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