Templar's Cleansing Ritual

In PvE, what does Cleansing Ritual cleanse? Bleeds? Stuns?

Does the un-morphed Cleansing Ritual only remove a harmful effect from myself, or anyone within the radius? The tooltip says "cleanse yourself...and heal nearby allies," so it sounds to me like it only cleanses the caster.

How do I know when I have a harmful effect on me that I should cleanse? I know there are addons, but I'd like to know what the visual cue is.

I ask because my main is a level 28 Templar healer/dps and I want to know more about how to properly use Cleansing Ritual, both in my solo questing and in four-man dungeons.


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  • Allyhoo811
    The Cleansing Ritual skills removes damage over time debuffs (burning, disease, poison, cold, bleeds). It does not remove stuns.

    If memory servers, the unmorphed skill removes an effect from you and simply heals allies (but I haven't played with the unmorphed skill in awhile, so I could be misremembering). The morphed skill does apply the cleanse to allies.

    You know you have a debuff on you when your character has a visual effect applied to them. They are pretty apparent (most of the time) and make logical sense (for example, burning makes your character have flames on them, bleeding causes blood drops to fall off of them, poison is a green cloud kind of affect, etc.). The only time it can be tricky to spot is if a lot of other visual spell cues are also on your character.
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  • Curragraigue
    It also removes debuffs that do not do damage to you like the NB mark.

    Unlike purge (PvP skill) cleanse morphs require allies to activate a synergy to get the cleanse. As already said pre morph you only cleanse yourself.
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