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Dungeon questions.

Ok so I just joined the Undaunted, they sang me that ridiculous little song and everything. Im new to mmos, and Ive only ever done one dungeon in eso and it was on a different toon that i dont really play anymore. So, I have some questions.

1. How the heck do you level up the undaunted skill line?
2. When you do group dungeons, the dungeon scales to, party leaders level right? and for every dungeon that you do the quest, do you get a skill point?
3. If you do get skill points, can you get them at any level you go through, or do you have to do it at the level range for that zone to get the skill point?
4. Can you get skills from public dungeons too? I did one of the quests in one but didnt get a skill point...
5. Apparently you can do dungeons in different factions? Is this true? If so, how do I get to them? (before vet ranks)

Thanks for the help!

Best Answers

  • Chanman23
    Ok thanks! This answers my questions :)
  • SirAndy
    Dagoth_Rac wrote: »
    5). Yes. Talk to the Undaunted at the tavern in each major city for a zone. They will tell you about all 3 dungeons for that level and add them to your map. You can then travel to them via a wayshrine. For example, in your first zone, the Undaunted NPCs will add Spindleclutch, Banished Cells, and Fungal Grotto to your map. In your second zone, they will add Wayrest Sewers, Elden Hollow, and Darkshade Caverns. And so on for each zone.
    You need to find the Undaunted in each zone and talk to them. They will put the dungeons on your map for fast-travel.
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  • Chanman23
    Thank you all for your responses, and for making them detailed too! This will definately help me in my dungeon crawling. I appreciate it.
  • Drax76
    Allyhoo811 wrote: »
    Dagoth_Rac wrote: »
    4). There are "group challenge" achievements in public dungeons that give a skill point. They are not related to quests. Generally, each public dungeon has like 7 or 8 bosses. One is the "group challenge" boss and gives the skill point when you kill that boss.

    Just wanted to add to this that the "group challenge" boss is usually somewhat hidden, in that you typically have to do something in order to trigger it to appear (i.e. click on an object, kill all the mobs in a certain area, etc.).

    The Primary requisite for the group Challenge is that there MUST be more than 1 Player in the Public Dungeon at the time or it won't spawn.
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