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Axuda Inmortal guild recruiting.

Lizrko 33
Newer guild. Recruiting ACTIVE members.

The name is Axuda Inmortal, which basically means immortal help. (We are vampires and are willing to help ppl)

Guild focus is pve. A well-rounded, helpful guild with intention of a trader sooner rather than later.

We've got ppl who can help with just about anything crafting-wise. Or any other area that help is needed.

We will be doing activities such as skyshard hunting, dolems, exploring, fishing, etc... There is even a hide and seek challenge, and raffles coming up once we have a good number of ppl. We are currently at 15 members so far.

All alliances are welcome, but we are based in daggerfall. NA server.

We would like higher levels, esp. Vets to join, but all levels are welcome.

Message me on here or xbl to join up. Gt: LizRKO (xbl would be easier.)

Also, we do a lot of Imperial City right now, home campaign is Haderus, but we also are in Skulls alot.
  • ryandarby
    I'll join. GT- DegradingJoker
  • painfulupchuck
    Soul Shriven
    gt: painfulupchuck

    if there is still a open spot I would like to join
  • Lizrko 33
    Awesome. I'll send invites in a sec. Plenty of room available, the more ppl that join, the more things we can do.
  • texasraider97
    GT: TTUCazador87
  • Lizrko 33
    I'll send am invite cazador. I work till about 5 today, but when I get home I'll be on.
  • Lizrko 33
    We are up to 17 now. Anyone else want to join? I'll be on most of the day.
  • Lizrko 33
  • Lizrko 33
    We've got 24 now. Looking for more actIves.
  • Lizrko 33
  • T0xicSw0rd
    Hey @Lizrko 33 lol
  • Lizrko 33
    Lol. Hey stranger
  • T0xicSw0rd
    @Lizrko 33 what you mean stranger haha
  • Lizrko 33
    Just bc I haven't seen u in a while.
  • Lizrko 33
    We are at 40 members so far and growing daily! We do it all, and are about helping ppl out.

    Anyone else need an invite?
  • Lizrko 33
    52 members and climbing. We group up daily to do the undaunted, craglorn, farming, pve, pvp, skyshard hunts, etc... dc based.

    Anyone need an invite?
  • Lizrko 33
    62 memebers and still climbing. Anyone else need an invite, let me know.
  • Mrsquiggl3z64
    Soul Shriven
    Add me! US Navy vet here noob to eso
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