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Dark Anchors and Spawning Generals

Soul Shriven
Going for the "General Executioner" achievement, so I've been farming the dark anchor to the West of Stormhold.

Completed between 14-17 dark anchors and haven't had a single General spawn in yet.

My question is: Is this typical? In your experience, give or take how many anchors can I expect to complete before a General will spawn?

Best Answer

  • MeerkatWarlord

    I may be wrong here, but I think General spawns are rare and randomized.

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  • Curragraigue
    I found I got better results doing a circuit of all three in a zone rather than just sitting at one. I tended to get a General every 6 or so dolmens doing it that way.
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  • Desommettor
    In my experience i have a lot higher general drop rate if i'm the only one completing them. I don't know if its coincidental or not but I also wait until the end to close all 4 pinions.
  • Drax76
    Pure Coincidence. As verified with Zenimax Developers on the YouTube Show, ESO Live - Episode 24.

    There is NO connection between the Pinions and the Named General.
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