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Daggerfall Covenant-Outlaw Empire 30+

All, vandals, theives, master theives, and theif lords, UNITE. Ranks are given on leveling and need. Join the empire... Break rules... And cause CHAOS across the covenant, coldharbour, And all of tamriel. The Empire already has a strong foundation of outlaws. I recommend 30+ but all are welcome. However below 30 you don't have many rights.

All it takes to join is a quick message to this fourm account or to my gamertag: Heroborg

If you want to know about my character, Lord Tybal, keep reading.
It all began as I a rouge kajiit joined the Covenant. I was on a mission to kill Molag Bal rather than fight with other alliances. I strive through Glenumbra, Stros M'kai, Betknith and Stormhaven. My journey was treacherous through Rivenspire and Bankorai. But I felt at home in Alik'r. After my journies in Bangkorai i settled in Alik'r for a while. I stayed in Sentinal being a petty theif and taking valuables. Then I went on trips to Daggerfall to steal more... I then Killed people in homes so I won't pay bounties. I then decided to start my Empire. One greater than any other. I am now in Coldharbour on my way to kill Molag Bal. Once he is dead and Coldharbour is finished I will travel to my next adventure in the Pact, Dominion, Cyrodill, and Craglorn. Fighting and slipping my way through. I am the Outlaw Emperor. I am Lord Tybal
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Daggerfall Covenant Loyalist
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