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New Casual Guild Looking For Awesome People!! XBOX! NA! Daggerfall Covenant!!

Soul Shriven
Hey everyone! We are a new guild looking for some great people to play the game with and help one another. We are all currently over the age of 21, and we would like to keep it at least over the age of 18(for language in chat purposes). We are looking for friends to play with after work and on weekends. Anyone is welcome to join, tanks, magicians, thief's, archers, and everyone else! Anyone who has an interest of joining please contact either DirtyxXxGrizz or ArielAttackk in the game or send a friend request! They will get back to you asap. We are in the Daggerfall Covenant but everyone is welcome to join(we were just prefer DC for story purposes). From Standard game play to PVP to PVE and more! Message us and lets chat!!
We are just looking for good people who love the game(not obsessed haha).

Guild Name - Dirty x X x

Guild Ranks: (as of right now)
King - DirtyxXxGrizz
Council - DirtyxXxPeanut
Lord - N/A
Knight - ChiefBurns420
Squire - ArielAttackk
Boot Shiner - N/a

Hope to see you guys in the game! :D
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  • ZeroWOTJ
    Soul Shriven
    Are you still accepting members? Looking to join a guild.

    Gamer tag

  • dfelsing
    Soul Shriven
    VR14 stamina DK

  • lazarusrevives
    I was in a guild called dirty on pwi lol can I join up? Casual player here. On most days for a couple hours.
    Gamertag: LazarusRevives
    It's green so it's nature! XD
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