New Items Available in the Crown Store - 9/24 (All Platforms)

  • OmniDevil
    Leondis wrote: »
    With the glass style motif, will I be able to wear glass style armor at VR7? And is it just armor? Or is it weapons and shields also?


    As long you have the Malachite style material, including all other vr7 quality mats, you can craft Light, Medium or Heavy armor, including all weapons. Obviously, you will also need to have the necessary skill in each craft to do so.

    I purchased the motif yesterday. Shield, swords, daggers, heavy helm, light chest, etc can all be crafted. Purchasing the motif also provides 10 Malachite, while another 10 can be purchased separately.
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  • MJR_Valentine05
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    I for one am getting sick of waiting for the Xivkyn motif to be put in the crown store.
    Glass is one of the most hideous motifs I've seen as side from Primal and Barbaric.

    Only good thing about it is the weapons.

    Yes Xivkyn can be farmed but it is highly annoying to farm farm farm and get duplicates of pages you already have.

    I for one as for other would gladly spend 40 bucks to get the Xivkyn Motif from the crown store.
    Why not just go ahead and release it now rather than wait months to release it when the ugly Glass Motif is already in the crown store.

    Or atleast make the spawn rates for all pages even higher than they already are. Weapon and Leg pages are near impossible to get and people ask rediculously high prices for one page.

  • Elder_Martin
    Sure wish ZOS wasn't screwing me over on crowns so I could get this. 2 months without crowns from ESO+...
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  • xRAGEx
    Vixkyn motif is coming soon
  • RaistlinMING
    when will the Xivkyn style on crown store?

    This one would like an answer for this question..

    Lol, this one want a high five!
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