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Eso plus issue

My subscription is still going and to be renewed on the 24th but about a hour ago I lagged out the game and when I got on I couldn't access the imperial city and my buff was gone? Help me zos
  • Sheva I 7 I
    Sheva I 7 I
    Same issue here, opening a ticket is your best bet

  • Calans
    Same issue here.
    It still shows my membership is active on my account, but not in game on my character screen.

    I don't renew until October but still haven't received my Sept crowns.
  • Ewokninja
    Same issue here. I didnt notice until last night when i log in. I have my crowns from the previous month, and it is showing as still active. Mine renews on the 26th of every month, so hopefully it is sorted out soon as I have no access to the DLC and that makes me not so happy.
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  • OmniDevil
    It was sorted out and had nothing to do with ZOS. It was M$. There was a service alert on their services page stating they were experiencing a problem with the download content service. EA Access members/users were also effected. ESO+ is active on my account/character again as of early this AM.
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  • Jayne_Doe
    ✭✭✭✭✭ least MS alerts people and admits when they have issues with their services. I've yet to see any official response from ZOS or even from a forum mod that there are regular issues with their ESO+ service.

    Second month without my 1500 allotment of crowns. Last month I'm paying for ESO+.
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