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Suggestion to use the PTS between major/minor update testing

Dear @zos, @ZOS_RichLambert ,

I have a request / suggestion regarding the use of the PTS in between major/minor update testing.

Could you please use the PTS to test out potential changes with appropriate briefing?
I was initially thinking of minor tweaks and skill changes, such as 1 change to 1 skill in a class or weapon skill line - but as it would be potential changes larger ones would also be possible. These could exist for a couple of weeks and you would get feedback on them (and gather data).

So you could test out changes without being wedded to them:

Dual wield Blade Cloak having Brutality and Flying Blade not.
Dual wield Flying Blade or Blade Cloak having a gap closer.

Shields not stacking or shields having diminished returns based on current shield strength
Critable / bleedable shields

Sorcerer stamina pets
Sorcerer surge working with DoTs (but keeping 100ms cd)

You could theme each test period (i.e. Sorcerers, Templars, DragonKnights, NightBlades, Alliance War skills, Dual Wield, Shields, etc).

The advantage of this is you could make changes w/o any promises and get the player base to test them... giving you a heads up prior to the next major patch that you are thinking about making changes in. i.e. you can de-risk potential player reaction / get feedback well in advance of actually introducing any such changes.

Anyway - just an idea to make the most of your player / fan base for ideas that you are already toying with / think may need to be / should be addressed (or are just easy to do and worth investigating).
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