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Death Rattle [NA] [X1] [AD]

Has society rejected you and your taste for blood? Deemed you an outcast, monster, or murderer? Death Rattle accepts you. For we understand your taste for blood. We will take the ruby throne and spread his influence across all of Nirn!

Our Mission
To build a friendly and goal driven community;
To use coordinated force, build alliances, and use battlefield strategy to take over Cyrodiil.

An ESO community- We are an ESO dedicated group.
Play How You Want To Play!- Its a game! You won’t be kicked for wanting to do some crafting or go solo. We have events for PvE and PvP for a reason.

Semi-Hardcore- I say this because we will have scheduled events, use strategy, chain of command, and are goal driven. However, its OK to have a life outside of ESO.

PvP Based- The main focus of this guild is to organize a fighting force and work with other guilds in the campaign to take over Cyrodiil. We will partake in guild created PvP events, the battle over Cyrodiil both on the large and small scale, and take advantage of all things Cyrodiil has to offer.

PvE Division- We will have a cell of players who are strictly PvE and commanders to organize PvE events. PvE events will be open to all members and will be a great way to socialize with guild mates, make new friends, and enjoy every aspect of ESO.
Hosted Events
We will host events both large and small scale inter- and intra guild events.

PvP – We will be hosting large scale, entire guild with other allied guilds in order to attack and claim keeps in the name of Death Rattle. As well as small scale; groups taking resources and outposts. But also small scale skirmishes with guilds from the other alliances.

PvE- A great way to experience the full game of ESO and also to have fun and get to know your brothers and sisters.

Misc. Details
Current members 320
Xbox One Guild
Aldmeri Dominion
NA server
We accept all Races
Preferred ages 18+
Add GT in replies.
-Josiaha, Guild Leader
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