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[Guide] Alchemy 1-50 in less than 20 minutes

Ok. So we all agree that having Alchemy maxxed on any character that you play is a good thing right?



Potions last a whopping 31 seconds when you use them. The cooldown on potions is 45 seconds. That leaves a long time where things can go bad.

Maxxed alchemy will allow you to spend 3 points into Medicinal Use. This skill increases the duration of your potions from 31 seconds to 42.5 seconds. This allows you to have a potion active almost all of the time!!

Here's what you need:

250 Blessed Thistle
250 Dragonthorn
20 Clear Water (level 10 water)
40 Pristine Water (level 20 water)
45 Cleansed Water (level 30 water)
60 Filtered Water (level 40 water)
80 Purified Water (level 50 water)

For much faster results you will need the Multicraft Addon.

How to do this (if your alchemy is level 1):

1. Make 20 potions using the level 10 water

2. Put a skill point into Solvent Proficiency

3. Make 40 potions using the level 20 water

4. Put a skill point into Solvent Proficiency

5. Make 45 potions using the level 30 water

6. Put a skill point into Solvent Proficiency

7. Make 60 potions using the level 40 water

8. Put a skill point into Solvent Proficiency

9. Make 80 potions using the level 50 water

Congratulations on becoming an ALCHEMIST MASTER!!

PS... This will go faster if you have CP into Inspiration Gain
  • Carterboy254
    nice cant wait to do this as soon as I get home
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  • Rev Rielle
    Rev Rielle
    You remind me of cooking recipes where they say in bold letters; "Ready and on the table in just 15 minutes!" Of course, this cooking time excludes preparation time, which often takes a lot longer!
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  • Septimus_Magna
    Awesome guide, I will try this out on my NB when Im back at home.
    Finanlly some use for all those unuseful alchemy mats in my bank.
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  • venuziano
    worked very well, thanks a lot =D
  • MajorHow
    Soul Shriven
    Still works as of today ! Very efficient guide !
  • NoFlash
    Let me test this out. Lol 2018
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  • MilwaukeeScott
    Except you're leveling without learning all the reagent traits which is what counts for Master Writs.

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  • Nestor
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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    Gary Gravestink "I am glad you died, I needed the help"

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