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Pact Legion | Looking to grow | Ebonheart

Pact Legion | Haderus Campaign
Founded July 26, 2015
Guild Leader: DrTouchYouRight
Pact Legion is a guild built, created, and ran to strive for success, comradery, and just to be a guild you want to be apart of. We will/are doing a lot of PvP, help with dungeons, quests, and leveling, along with maybe some type of roleplaying action. It was designed to imitate a Roman Legion, in name and Rank Structure, and possibly armor as well (depending on how many people have the imperial edition or imperial motif).

Our home campaign is Haderus, we fight for the Ebonheart Pact. Pact Legion was an idea by Imperator (Guild Master) DrTouchYouRight to build up our numbers and form an Alliance with Scorched Earth, another BIG PvP Guild within the Haderus Campaign. Haderus is a veteran server, though you do not need to be veteran rank to join it. Every person upon joining Pact Legion will have to attend a brief/short "training" session. So we can teach you how We and Scorched Earth operate in PvP to ensure an easy victory in Haderus.

Guild "Training" will be held EVERY: Tuesday @ 10pm CT, Thursday @ 10pm CT, and Sunday @ 1pm & 10pm CT. The training is not that long. Just a quick overview of the guild, how we run in PvP and all the little Guild "Guidelines."

Requirments to join:

- 18 years or older [voted in if younger]

- must have a microphone [kinect is alright, as long as you don't have excessive background noise]

- Make Haderus your home campaign

- Have at least 1, probably main character apart of Ebonheart Pact

Upon joining, We ask you go purchase your guild tabard (go to any banker > guild store > refine search for "guild items" > purchase tabard). Once you aquired your tabard, go to the designated area, either the meeting area in Mournhold, or the compound area in South East Deshaan (leadership will instruct you where to go). You will be given 2 weeks to complete the "training" if you have not done so, you will be released from the guild to open a spot for those determined and dedicated. Guild Training Consists of the following:

- Rank Structure

- Guild Guidlines

- How we operate in Cryodiil

- and just generic Guild "house cleaning"

Once you complete training You will be promoted from Milites (Private/Recruit) up to Legionnaire. The more you play with members from the guild, the more you contribute, and help others, the faster you will move up. Again, this is all talked over in the Training, but for the sake of having a bit of knowledge, the Rank Structure is as follows:

- Imperator (Guildmaster)

- Legates (Second in Command, Co-Guildmaster)

- 1st Centurion (Senior Officer, 3rd in Command)

- Optio (low ranking Officer)

- Evocati (veteran soldier)

- Immunes (Quartermasters/Chefs)

- Legionnaire (member, completed training)

- Milites (private/recruit, have yet to complete training)

**If this appeals to you, and you think you would like to be apart of Pact Legion, message "DrTouchYouRight" and we will get you an invite. Also, go like our community page on facebook - "Pact Legion" and visit our website at ""
Leader of Pact Legion - PvP | Xbox One - NA | Haderus Campaign
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