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Can I Authorize more than One computer at a Time? Please tell me there is a way!

I have both a mac laptop and a PC that is hooked up to our TV and I like to play ESO on both of them depending on my mood, but it's getting really really annoying to have to open my email and enter a code Every Single Time I switch between these two computers in my own home on the same internet with the same ESO account. Is there Any way I can authorize both computers so that I don't have to go through this tedious authorization process every time?

Additionally my husband also plays ESO and we started out sharing an account and both had characters built up on that one before I got a second account of my own so we could play with eachother, so I still log in with our first account sometimes for those characters, or to help him out by checking on his crafting research and such, but every time I happen to switch which computer I'm logging in from, he gets pestered with email notifications on his phone and ipad often while he's at work or sleeping, and then he's worried someone has hacked our account and has to confirm with me that it's just me switching to my laptop. It's just a huge pain to not have both computers permanently recognized for both our accounts.

Please Please tell me how to make both computers authorized so I don't have to keep going through this ridiculous rigamaroll. I appreciate security precautions, but this is just getting really annoying. I can't be the only person who plays ESO on more than one computer, and it would be really nice to have a way to authorize multiple machines.
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