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House Daenerys Targaryen, FREE Werewolf bites, 70 members+


Hello, House Daenerys Targaryen is recruiting, giving out free werewolf bites to members. Bites are based off a loyalty basis, what is loyalty you ask? Well getting online and joining guild chat channel 1 for starters, talking and getting to know your guildmates and participating in dungeon events, we do a undaunted dungeon every night. Various members lead at different times, but my group usually does nightly undaunted dungeons at 11:30 pm CST. We also do PVP and trading, you choose your level of involvement, if you just wanna trade that's fine too.

We ask that you contribute some to the guild bank, not required for membership, but appreciated to help us with buying a guild trader each week. 100g, 250g, 1000g, 2000g, etc, whatever you feel like is affordable.

Bites are only once a week, and currently 6 members in the guild are Werewolves, myself included. I give out my bites every friday and I do it based on who I feel has shown to be deserving, as I can only bite one person a week. In turn I ask that you help by biting someone else, again not required but appreciated. This way the werewolves in the guild will grow exponentially.

I am on every night at 11:30 pm till about 3 am. I also get on from 10 am to 2:00pm. Wednesdays and Fridays I am on all day.
gt: xKenshin Himura
Edited by GideonxJura on July 1, 2015 2:25AM
  • Macro_Gray
    Soul Shriven
    Could I get an invite? Lvl 38 high elf sorcerer aldmeri dominion. Will need a bite but will help spread, grow, and donate. Gamertag Macro Gray NA Server
  • GideonxJura
    Hey Marco, we are in the EBONHEART PACT. You are more than welcome to join
  • GideonxJura
    We currently have 6 werewolves in the guild, I will be giving out my bite for free on Friday, we also have 1 vampire in the guild for those interested.
  • Post6667
    Hay im very interested in joining your guild. Im a mature 26 year old. My gamer tag is GermanSniper98 and my character's name is Jaime Lannister I and is currently a lv. 24 DK.
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