Vamp/ Wolf Guild on the Xbox one for the Ebonheart Pact

Soul Shriven
So yeah, Ive been reading alot of things, and hearing peoples cries to get bitten, or people just straight out being scammed. Later today, I will try to create my own Vampire Guild in the Ebonheart Pact, where bites will be free. This essentially can turn into a Vamp/Wolf Guild. I unfortunately have my first bite already called for. But if I can get some fellow vamps or wolves to add me, GT is Kapow Bullseye and we can set this up. Im sure this could turn into something pretty good. Ive read another guys post. And Im going to steal a bit of the way he runs things. If you see this, maybe we could make a much larger scale guild.

1. If we get enough people to volunteer to bite already in the guild, whoever wants to be bitten will message either the guild master or officer on which bite they want.
2. Whoever they messaged will invite them to the guild and place them in a rank based on whatever bite they want.
3. Those who are able to bite are in a werewolf, or vampire group.They will choose someone out of the lower ranks who havent been bitten yet, and bite them. Once they bite the person, they will promote them to the just turned rank.
4. Those just turned can grind (hopefully quick) to level 6, then request to be promoted to the vampire or werewolf group. As soon as they are promoted, they can choose someone of the lower ranks who havent been bit yet and do the same thing.

If we want this to be successful, everyone needs to share their bites. You are welcome to stay or leave after youve been bit. But if you decide to leave, please bite someone before you leave.

I will need a couple of volunteers to bite people, so we can begin this. If you are willing to donate bites from either vamp or wolf, please message me on here (include your gamertag), or just shoot me a message on xbox live. Let me know if you are a vamp or a wolf and when your next bite is available. Again my GT is Kapow Bullseye. Anyone who wants to get bit, please add me, and we will get this going as soon as possible.

Again, these rules came from something i read and wrote down from another person in a different alliance. If the person see's this and would like to expand to ebonheart, add me on live.

Thanks again
    Soul Shriven
    If you get it going let me know I'm looking for a werewolf bite I would help you build it but as I'm unbiten I wouldn't be much help till I was turned
    Gamertag OSDR WOLF
  • Bloodbath019
    I am interested in joining your guild. I am not a werewolf or vampire yet, I wish to be a vampire tho and i don't mind waiting for a bite even if it takes a little while there are plenty of things in game i can do to keep myself busy with lol, I also don't mind giving away free bites after i am bitten I had planned to do so when i ever i got bit anyhow. Send me a message Gamer tag is BloodbathO19 it's a capital o. thanks in advance.
  • DracoBeowulf
    Xbox one gt: withgodnow
    Xbox One Gamertag: WITHGODNOW
    Xbox One Guild: TheTRINITY
    send friend request and message to be included in pve & pvp events
  • Rudeboy420
    Soul Shriven
    Xbox rastathelion contact me in gamertag or out I'll join just need to buy bitten to spread the bites

  • Catnundrum
    I am looking for a vampire bite. I have a werewolf bite ready on my alt in 5 days.
    I can give free bites but I really want a vampire bite on my main so I can give those out too.
    My info is in my sig.
    Xbox One player
    US Server
    Ebonheart Pact
    GT: Catnundrum
  • Makalikihoko
    Soul Shriven
    Xbox GT: Makalikihoko

    Looking for a vamp bite and to give away bites. The scams are getting ridiculous.
  • cheeze660
    Soul Shriven
    Looking for vamp bite. Xbox one GT: GIGIGTY CHEEZE also been looking for a supernatural guild!!
  • zeo15
    Im happy to join but would like a werewolf bite please zeo15
  • kyleweber5683b14_ESO
    I'd love to join! Gamer Tag is Kyle Weber

    Hopefully you are still recruiting send me an invite I'll accept it when I log on! Looking to be on the vampire side.
  • Urban_Ninja_XP
    Soul Shriven
    Gt: Urban Ninja XP

    I will gladly join the guild. I have yet to be bitten but i am looking to be a vampire. I will gladly return the favor and even stay in the guild. Just invite me when you get a chance.
  • KapowBullseye
    Soul Shriven
    Im sorry I missed some people in here. Will be shooting invites later today. We are getting bigger and more bites are becoming available
  • btemp7684
    Soul Shriven
    GT: g town playa 02

    I am looking to become a werewolf. I will be willing to share bites once i get bit. I just read a post about people camping spawn points just so others couldnt get bit.
  • SacredBacon
    Soul Shriven
    I would love to join the guild!

    Have not done any pvp yet, so just wanted that out there.

    Need a werewolf bite and will definitely pay it forward as I'm able.

    Currently level 35 and hoping to reach 50 this coming weekend because I'm a neckbeard ;-)

    GT: xxSacredBaconxx
    xb1, NA
    Dark Elf / Dragon Knight
  • Jag_DeADsHoT
    Soul Shriven
    Can i join? if so add me?(:
    GT Jag DeADsHoT
  • TylerDurden
    I have a werewolf that I give out free bites with and have a level 3 vamp I'm still trying to level to give fre bites.
  • TylerDurden
    Forgot to add my get for guild. Tylerdurdn71
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