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Servants of Sanguine - Aspiring Vampire Guild - Ebonheart

Hey all, a couple days ago I started Servants of Sanguine with my guild mate, we have dreams of becoming one of the biggest Vampire themed guilds in Elder Scrolls Online. We're looking for people to join and make this a great experience for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're human or vampire when you join (we can always turn you as part of initiation). We currently have just the two of us in a leadership position but we have put lots of planning into this guild. We plan on doing quests together, dungeon, and even campaign together in a massive Vampire Army. Sounds cool right? We can have events every so often to keep the guild feeling alive, like competitions or festivities, as well as find a building in the world of Tamriel to have as a "Guild Hall" of sorts. We're around 20 years old, and are looking for a sort of mature audience, but we love to have a good time. Anyone is welcome! Racism and descrimination is not tolerated! All in all its about community, making friends, and having fun. So if you think you have what it takes, apply today! Our plan for crafting is to also have designated craters excel in certain areas to level faster and help out fellow guild mates when needed. We're going to have majority vote (as a group for some rules, or unanimous between the 2 of us for other rules) and a group council will decide the passing of certain rules. If you'd like to reach me you can leave a reply or pm on here, or message my Gamertag: Lts K9. Thanks to all for listeningand hope to see your undead asses on the battlefield!
  • Bloodbath019
    Hello, I am interested in your guild.. Although i am part of the Ebonheart pact and play on the xbox one. and i am currently a human but looking to become a vampire and help others be a vampire as well.
  • Lord_Keveryn
    We are in ebonheart and on xbox 1 add well, message my Gamertag and I'll set you up!
  • ClaspingZero
    I am daggerfall on xbox one eu server - GT as username - would take part in your initiation into the guild. I am tired of this mortal world....

    Currently human but would love to join.... online now
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