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Werewolf Guild looking for recruits.

Soul Shriven
Hello everyone, our guild, the Bloodmoon Fangs, is looking for recruits. We are dedicated to spreading lycanthropy throughout tamriel. We accept both unbitten and people with lycanthropy. All unbitten members will get a bite for free as soon as possible, so we would also love for werewolves to join to speed this process up. For an invite please contact me at GT: LordDrok98 or post your gamer tag on this forum.We are currently working towards a bank/Tabbard so speeding this process along would be appreciated. Due to bugs you may not be able to message me in game so feel free to send me a Xbox live message!

We are a part of the Ebonheart pact, but we will accept anyone. Please note that if you are unbitten and not from Ebonheart we have no way of biting you.

NOTICE: Due to a merger with another guild the recruiting has been put on hiatus. If you did not receive an invite please be patient and we will get around to it. Thank you!
July 2
Edited by Lorddrok on July 3, 2015 4:18PM
  • Lorddrok
    Soul Shriven
    Please also state whether you are unbitten or not next to your GT
  • Sowter94
    Soul Shriven
    Hello , I'd like to join your guild and get a werewolf power please. My gamer tag is jamessowter please pm me if I can join!
    Soul Shriven
    I would love to join I'm looking for a bite lvl 23 ebonheart gamer tag OSDR WOLF
  • carlmcse
    I'll join but don't have a werewolf bite at level 49 at the moment almost 50 or veteran 1. Add "carlmcse" would accept a Werewolf bite as I am Stamina based not really wanting to be a Vampire. Let us know if your interested cheers.
  • carlmcse
    Ah your Xbox i'm PS4 never mind.
  • Lorddrok
    Soul Shriven
    Alright I should have everyone that replied added. Let's try to keep recruiting, our goal is to get a bank
  • Resner
    if you're still recruiting, i'd love to join, XB GT is Grinchak907
  • woody5791
    Soul Shriven
    GT: w00dy420 unbitten
    GT: w00dy420

    • CP 850+
    • lvl 50 Khajiit Stamblade (stormproof)
    • lvl 50 Dunmer Magblade (stormproof)
    • lvl 50 Redguard Stamsorc (stormproof)
    • lvl 50 Redguard Stamplar (stormproof)
    • lvl 50 Highelf Magplar
    • lvl 50 Highelf Sorc (stormproof)
  • HeyDayzVI
    Soul Shriven
    I'd like to join GT: HeyDayz VI Unbitten
  • zeo15
    I am looking to become a lycan brother im on e pact and gamer tag zeo15
  • ChantingSplash9
    Soul Shriven
    Looking to join the guild and unbitten
    EP Gamertag: ChantingSplash9
  • Lorddrok
    Soul Shriven
    NOTICE: Due to a merger with another guild the recruiting has been put on hiatus. If you did not receive an invite please be patient and we will get around to it. Thank you!
  • milkmustache_707
    Soul Shriven
    Hello , my gamer tag is TwistedDoobie and I would really like to join. I'm currently unbitten. Thank you.
  • BossUlric
    i have already been bitten and would like to join.

    my gamertag is BossSirUlric.
  • ziggsvo
    Soul Shriven
  • technodemon1
    Soul Shriven
    Looking for a daggerfall guild pve. any one know any gamer tag: technodemon1 daggerfall.
    But on i am both vamp and werewolf Ebonheart -bitte.
    Edited by technodemon1 on July 4, 2015 7:24PM
    A true wolf puts his pack first.stay loyal and true to it and it will do the same for u.
    Soul Shriven
    I am a level 7 werewolf. NA EP. Gamertag Camp0saurus
  • Nightblade1776
    Soul Shriven
    Looking to join. Unbitten.

    Gt MarineReaper
    Ebonheart Pact

    Live in Japan so time differential might be an issue.
  • Kobalt
    Soul Shriven
    I'll join if your still recruiting. GT is: Kobalt Kitsune. I'm already a werewolf, so I don't need a bite. Just looking for a active guild that does PvP and dungeon delving on occasion.
  • Paintrainwoowoo
    Soul Shriven
    Paintrainwoowoo, unbitten. AD.
  • ninjadragonguy
    im looking for a werewolf bite. unbitten. level 23 xbox one NA. GT ninjadraonguy thx
  • MrGiggleTickles
    Soul Shriven
    Gamertag is MrgiggleTickles and I'm unbitten
  • btemp7684
    Soul Shriven
    Looking for werewolf bite

    GT: g town playa 02
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