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Any 30+ year old players want to play

Soul Shriven
Looking for some older peeps that want to play some quests and help each other out. Gt is phantomtoes on xb1 in north America
  • Balthyzar
    What alliance are you in?
    Heir to House Dagoth & last of the Aundae
  • BalekFekete
    If you're in AD, check out http://www.grimreapergamers.com. Good group of guys who (certainly) don't take ourselves too seriously, but have a great time across all genres including ESO right now.
    "Beer is proof that God love us and wants us to be happy." -- Benjamin Franklin
  • DubyaRules
    If you are in Daggerfall Covenant, check us out at soulforgedguild.com.
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