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Dragonborn Ninjas are recruiting!! (Daggerfall Covenant)

Soul Shriven
We're a fairly new guild looking to build our ranks in ESO with friendly gamers. We are recruiting low level to veteran ranks. We don't mind helping those who need it and heck, we could use the help as well. For the moment we focus we are focused on PvE, trading, quest completion, dungeons and such. One thing we would eventually like to do is Alliance Wars. It seems like every time my friends and I get into Cyrodiil, we only have a handful of people who try defending a fort or taking a fort and the enemy has a whole freakin army! Once we get our numbers up, I plan to create a Facebook and Twitter page for the guild to communicate with one another to plan raids on some enemy controlled forts and various other activities. So don't hesitate to join us, we got mead!

Guild Name: Dragonborn Ninjas

Alliance: Daggerfall Covenant

Focus: PvE, quest completion, trading, dungeons. (Eventually, we will be getting into the Alliance Wars)

Either leave your gamertag in the comments or message MetalCaseyJones on XBL and I will add you as soon as I am able to. Long live the Dragonborn Ninjas!!!

(We have a couple werewolves in our guild who don't mind giving away free bites to guild members.)
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