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Serious suggestion for the crown store

Soul Shriven
So basically a great deal of us have played other games with similar options. I witnessed first hand how much people are willing to pour money while playing Neverwinter. Here are some ideas; Add mounts (Dragons, Wolves, Bears, Pumas, Rhinos, even dinosaurs). Pets are always a hit but add many more and the more menacing they look the better. Add equipment packs (Items that dramatically increase movement, and some that illuminate to make your character stand out)
  • Aetherderius
    Dragons are effectively all dead at this point in the Elder Scrolls timeline. Does not make sense to have them as mounts.
    Wolves, yeah, could be good.
    Bears are most likely coming with the Wrothgar DLC
    Pumas are just basically black senche-tigers, and those were only for sale for a week or something. Unlikely to bring back.
    Rhinos? Never seen or hinted at in the ES universe.
    Dinosaurs are an even bigger NO.
  • SgtBattleaxe
    Soul Shriven
    They've already said the Pumas will be offered to console players at some point. Hopefully soon cause I'm itching to buy one!
  • SedoUmbra
    A mount I want to see is the undead Horse that the undead Nightblade has in the trailer.

    Everything was so much cooler in the trailers..Why'd we have to get ugly Daedric Armour and not the one from the trailers? Why can't we use the Elf's green lightning-looking magic? Or that awesome looking but would-be useless spell the guy used to light up the cave?
  • Farorin
    I strongly dislike your suggestions.

    I would like to see more costumes, but lore friendly, and/or attractive costumes, not some shiny arse or glowy ***.

    I would like to see some DLC or free in game content though is what I would really like to see.
  • Rev Rielle
    Rev Rielle
    Costumes, yes.
    You really can't go wrong with costumes; have many and varied types and nearly everyone will want one or another. Variety is the key. At the moment it's very limited, but hopefully they will work on it.
    And of course, some sort of stone or other magickal item that could let us turn our current equipment into a costume would be wonderful.
    If you can be anything, be kind.
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