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Can't use one-handed weapons

Soul Shriven
Hi all. I can't use any one handed weapons.
When I change my weapon my character just has the weapon on her body rather than holding it.
And when I attack, she just punches so I'm forced to use two handed weapons.

Is anyone else having this problem?
Or am I doing something wrong?

  • DailyDrunkGamer
    If your over level 15 you unlock the second alternate weapon switch try press <- on the directional pad and switch to the one handed weapons
  • Closetotheclouds
    Soul Shriven
    So I have to wait till lvl 15 to use one handed weapons?
    That's so stupid
  • xeneblaze
    No, you can use whatever weapon you want to. At level 15 you get the ability to switch between 2 weapons, having an ability bar for each. You should make sure your weapon is equipped for Main Hand under weapons in the Inventory menu.
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  • Closetotheclouds
    Soul Shriven
    Does this mean I have a glitch then as I can equip a one handed weapon but I cant attack with it, it just makes me punch. .
  • ZOS_TristanK
    Hey there, @Closetotheclouds. Is your one-handed weapon equipped in your Main Hand or your Off Hand? If it's in your Off Hand, please try switching it to your Main Hand. Out of Curiosity, are you able to use two one-handed weapons?
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  • OzJohnD
    Hitting with a fist suggests your weapon is not equipped correctly.

    A single one handed weapon needs to be in your main hand ... and it levels 1h/shield skill line .. it needs to be equipped via Inventory options for it to work.

    Two one handed weapons (one on main the other in off hand) is dual wielding

    You don't need a second ability bar to do this.
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