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Official Discussion Thread for "Crown Store Showcase: June 26th, 2015"

  • Skcarkden
    With everything else going on in Tamriel, it shouldn't be hard to accept the Frost Mare into lore and I can - no problem. However, what I'd don't see is how the Frost Mare fits in with any of the playable races / classes / polymorphs available as a horse that would be ridden. Guar are good for the argonians, senche for kajiit, but who rides a Frost Mare? .

    Nords do have resistance to cold... ;)
  • Ruddy_Ruckus
    Soul Shriven
    Nords do have resistance to cold... ;)[/quote]

    You do have a point there and perhaps on the slopes High Hrothgar, Frost Mare might look cool (I wouldn't know though, I'm playing AD.

    The Senche Lioness looks rad travelling around in the Dominion and feels right at home.

    But if I see anyone riding one of these through Dominion territories, they look way out of place.

    Way out of place.
  • hades1411
    Soul Shriven
    plz ZOS sell bank space...
    i need at least 500
  • Cinbri
    Ok, same question as i asked for Ordinator Pack - date when Ashlander pack will be available?
  • Cemaris
    Soul Shriven
    Yes... I want to add Ashlander to my looks really cool. :) I do have a question though... is the primitive motif the same as the forsaken armor from Skyrim? I loved the female forsaken armor from there and wanted to know before I got the motif if its the same or not.
  • Mario80
    This horse is horrible even worst than the fire one... Can't wait for the thunder horse now, this make me sad.
    Dress and stuff must be available in game also, the crown store make me very sad.
    I will never spend a crown on this crap, limited edition or not. crown store must be for server change, inventory space, ect...
    If you want my money sell me content with stuff in it.
  • Cinbri
    Seems Ashlander costumes can be bought individually
    Provide us with release date pleaseeeee
    Edited by Cinbri on July 8, 2015 12:39PM
  • cromahn
    Any update on when these are coming out.. It's towards the end of July...
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