guild is closed.

Soul Shriven
Sorry, but I no longer have the time to arrange free bites. The demand is way too high

You can still use this thread to try to arrange bites between each other, but please do no messages me here or on XBL from this point forward.
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  • KamuiStorm
    Soul Shriven
    Shame you're in the dominion, if you were Ebon then I'd be all for it. I have been looking for bloodfiend or players to bite me but to no avail
    NA server
    Ebonheart pact
    Dark Elf
    Guild: Ouroboros, message to join. Will accept all
  • oXb3
    Just messaged you on XBL.
    Elder Scrolls is my second home.
    Xbox One/Steam: oXb3
  • ProgrammerSam
    I am so glad people are helping others with free bites. I also want to mention to watch out for this GamerTag:


    He actually is very rude, calling everyone names as well as stealing money from people who want to buy bites. I cannot stress enough, do not give anyone money for bites when you can earn it for free or usually get others to give it for free. That guy though, if you see him I would block him.

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  • papa1988
    Hey I would like to be involved in this, have had a few experiences with ***!

    PS4: Papa_John_1988

    Vampire bite if possible :)

    thanks in advance if you can help

  • Bloodbath019
    I wish there was a guild like this in Ebonheart pact... I was scammed last night out of most of my money by some player and now i am pretty much broke and no bite and have to wait a week cycle for the next vampire cycle.
  • JerzeyzKing
    Soul Shriven
    Can someone help me become a werewolf please psn is jerseyking.
  • jeff.personb14a_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I'm definitely interested in joining this guild and getting a werewolf bite.

    Gamertag: Bourne 2103 WB
    Aldmeri Dominion
    NA Server

    I would like a Werewolf bite. I would be happy to donate to the guild and be active with other Werewolves in both PvE and PvP.

  • Damian-DeMort
    I am interested in joining the guild. I am in the Ebonheart alliance and I am on the American server. Currently looking for a vampire bite. Will turn anyone once bitten. Gamer tag is Damian DeMort
  • ZOS_MaryB
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  • Noxy
    *GT: Magical Melody
    *New to ESO, Would like to join and check it out.
    *AD Server
  • Teriana
    Soul Shriven
    Looking to become a werewolf and help spread it.

    GT is Teriana

    Been hunting the werewolves each night, can hopefully become one before even getting the guild invite!
  • PoseidonEvil

    Your ps4 in the Xbox guild section bud lol..
    In-game ID: alchelvly
    Phixeon Maghi -- Breton Healer
    Harrow the Souleater -- Breton Necro Healer
    Krogyle dro-Smoketh -- Orc Stamdk
  • watkins3527
    Soul Shriven
    Xbox GT is watkins3527. Send me an invite
  • DoeEyes
    Soul Shriven
    GT is DoeEyes89. Count me in!
  • RobDaCool
    I wish there was a guild like this in Ebonheart pact... I was scammed last night out of most of my money by some player and now i am pretty much broke and no bite and have to wait a week cycle for the next vampire cycle.

    Me too. I can't even trade a Vampire bite for a Werewolf bite on Ebonheart it seems. Bit someone last week and what do you know, he didn't even have a Werewolf :(
    PS4 NA -RobdacoolV2
  • dkorte92
    I'm interested in joining but I need a bite from a werewolf. But if you help me out I would love to serve you!

    GT: BrewskiPlease
  • Ewokninja
    I would also like to join in on this. I am currently looking for a bite, but am more then happy to stick around after being bitten to hand a few out as well :) GT choncho29
    Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions.

    Xbox One GT: Choncho29
  • hawkeye56
    Werewolf bite plz
    GT: HAWKEYE1456
    Aldmeri Dominion
    NA Server
    I am willing to help anyway I can just let me know
    [email protected]
    Soul Shriven
    GT: Dhubz

    Ready to join the vampire side
  • papa1988

    oops my bad! I seen a few people post their PSN so thought this was genuinely a general section!

    should read shouldn't I ha

    nice one

  • GeoThePlayer
    Soul Shriven
    GT: GeoThePlayer
    Invite me please. I would like to get the vampire bite and help the guild members
  • DrDingleBerri
    GT: Dr Dingle Berri

    Can I get an invite please? Looking to get either bite. Thanks!
  • Brightxdawn
    can anyone help me with a bite? i am on PS4 NA ebonheart. psn brightxdawn
  • Tectonaut
    DONUTxxA55A551N is a scammer.
  • maddogkillerdude
    Soul Shriven
    Daggerfall, Europe server, Maddogkillerdude, LF vamp bite been scammed twice.
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