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What "country" are Kvatch and Anvil in?

At first I figured those two cities just didn't exist yet since Cyrodiil doesn't go that far west in the 2nd era, but then my clothing NPC who mails me stuff went and set up a shop in Anvil (yes I read those and I enjoy them too). So clearly, that town at least still exists in this time period. My question to you guys is... what country is Anvil a part of? Hammerfell, Valenwood, or something else?
  • stefan.gustavsonb16_ESO
    At least Kvatch could be in Cyrodiil, only outside of the part of Cyrodiil that is implemented in ESO. Of the cities that were in TESIV:Oblivion, only Chorrol, Bruma, Cheydinhal and Bravil are within the bounds of the ESO PvP version of Cyrodiil. Skingrad is just outside the border, while Anvil, Kvatch and Leyawiin are farther outside:

    An early ESO beta map seems to indicate that the Colovian Highlands and Nibenay would still be part of the Imperial-controlled territory at this time in the second era:

    The map seems to suggest that the intention at that point in beta was to have Reaper's March, Nibenay and Craglorn as the final zones for the respective factions, with Colovian population for the Colovian Highlands and part of Reaper's March, Nibenese population for Nibenay and Redguard population for Craglorn. The western coastal region where Anvil would be is unlabeled. Bravil would be in the Colovian Highlands. Kvatch and Anvil would be in the unlabeled region, and Leyawiin would be past Anequina and an unmarked area, in the region labeled as Blackwood.
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  • stefan.gustavsonb16_ESO
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  • Ffastyl
    Kvatch and Anvil are part of Cyrodiil, however not all of Cyrodiil has been added to the game. The reason being clear considering what is present is a 3-way PvP zone. Cyrodiil as a whole cannot be neatly divided into thirds, so only a section of the map which can be neatly divided is included.
    Cyrodiil's boundaries have been largely stagnant since it's inception.

    There are plans to add in all of Tamriel, so we will see Anvil and Kvatch at a later date.
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  • Kavatchian
    Ah the wonderful city of Kvatch. That's where I'm from you know.
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  • kendellking_chaosb14_ESO
    Ffastyl wrote: »
    Kvatch and Anvil are part of Cyrodiil, however not all of Cyrodiil has been added to the game. The reason being clear considering what is present is a 3-way PvP zone. Cyrodiil as a whole cannot be neatly divided into thirds, so only a section of the map which can be neatly divided is included.
    Cyrodiil's boundaries have been largely stagnant since it's inception.

    There are plans to add in all of Tamriel, so we will see Anvil and Kvatch at a later date.

    Never understood the point of have Cyrodiil in even parts it Waters down the whole War part EP has the most land, Ad has the less land and DC have only to Countries land size doesn't equal power it makes no sense the way it is the cities don't even matter just the Keeps
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  • knifeintheribs
    Both Kvatch and Anvil are located in the country of Cyrodiil. Now, whether they are in the part that is explorable is another matter entirely...
  • RDMyers65b14_ESO
    Kvatch is part of the Colovian Highlands in Cyrodil and Anvil is the Gold Coast of Cyrodil. Like all of the other regions, none of the game regions are completely there.
  • The_Smilemeister
    Kvatch and Anvil are in the Gold Coast region of Colovia, western Cyrodiil. Most of Colovia with the exception of Chorrol hasn't been added to the game yet, including the city of Skingrad. Because of the alliance war, either Anvil, Kvatch and Skingrad are independent city states and remain neutral, or because of the West Weald (the region Skingrad is part of) and the Gold Coast regions being between Hammerfell and Valenwood, the territory could be contested between the Aldmeri Dominion and the Daggerfall Covenant.

    Another thing I'd like to add before people ask (I'll be going slightly off topic here) is concerning Leyawiin and the Blackwood region. A lot of people will be wondering whether or not the area will be an explorable territory in Cyrodiil and from what I can recall from my experience in Oblivion and looking through lore articles is that at one point, Leyawiin was historically a city in eastern Elsweyr before it and some territory from Black Marsh was annexed by the Imperials to bring peace between the warring Argonians and Khajiits. Now, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but from speaking to several Leyawiin npc citizens in Oblivion, the region of Blackwood, was annexed by Cyrodiil either during Tiber Septim's conquest of Tamriel in the late Second Era or sometime during the Third Era. Now since the alliance war was long before the time of Tiber Septim, and if my knowledge of the annexation is correct, it means that Leyawiin was still a city in Elsweyr and the Blackwood region belongs to the Argonians and Khajiits, not the Imperials of Cyrodiil. Now since Elsweyr is enduring the Knahaten flu pandemic during this time period, it's unlikely that we'll be returning to Leyawiin anytime soon.
  • VilhelmValhalla4
    I really hope we see the other cities, especially Anvil, one of my favorite places in Oblivion...
    I wonder though, if the rest of Colovia is added, does that mean the fabled city of Sutch will also make an appearance?
  • The_Smilemeister
    To be honest, I don't know if Sutch was ever a city or not during the war since where it would be located on the map to Cyrodiil is part of County Kvatch in Oblivion. I know that by seeing clips of Oblivion in early production that it was going to be a city, but in the final release it was reduced to a fort ruin as part of a Dark Brotherhood quest. For all we know it may have really been a small fortified village like Helgen was in Skyrim and used as a Legion garrison near the border with Hammerfell. If so it must have been overwhelmed after the Camoran Usurper sacked Kvatch in 3E 249 and pushed north towards Hammerfell. If it did exist in the alliance war and was indeed a city, like in my previous comment, it might have been an independent city state. If not, then going back to the garrison it may have been operated by Kvatch seeing that it's part of their county. Othersise it may not have existed at all during that period.

    If the rest of Colovia is added at some point, I'd like to see Kvatch since it seems like the most important city in Cyrodiil behind the Imperial City as it's home to the chapel of the chief deity of the divines (Akatosh), home to the only arena in Cyrodiil outside the Imperial City and also the second largest city in Cyrodiil behind the Imperial City (in other words it's a miniature Imperial City in Colovia, surrounded by large plains instead of a lake and was quite possibly the capital of Colovia during their revolt against the Alessian reforms).
  • The_Smilemeister
    Also a little side note, Anvil, Kvatch and Skingrad have all been around since the First Era. Anvil originally began as a port for the All Flags Navy when it began for the invasion of Thrass. I'm not sure when Kvatch and Skingrad were formed, but at some point in the First Era, each were their own kingdoms, often fighting against one another and they and Anvil (and possibly Chorrol depending on when it was established) resisted the Alessian Reforms of the Nibenean east. So if they were to return in ESO, Anvil will most likely be a small, but well fortified port town whilst Kvatch and Skingrad, depending on their current situation, will most likely be prosperous, lively, orderly and peaceful, similar to Daggerfall and Wayrest in High Rock.
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