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Experiencing Error 301 after queuing

Soul Shriven
I preorder this game for the xbox one and got it tuesday and havent got past the queue every time i get to one it says error 301 and im about to throw it out the window

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  • graveytrain
    So it's not the game you have issues with seeing as you haven't played, it's the servers. I had some issues Tuesday, a little bit Wednesday but practically zero issues today. Issues like this should be expected with the launch of mmo type games.

    Good luck getting in there.
  • Gabriel_Froste
    You get used to it after several years of MMO releases.
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  • lsneakl
    Get on now if you can as I finally was able to get more than 10 mins at a time
  • Kazzy56
    :( Sorry your having issues....but it is as already mentioned, a server issue. Server issues do not a garbage game make!
    Hope it all gets sorted for you soon. :)
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